There are many details that go into planning a dream vacation to the Italian coast, but the first thing to ask is, “where is Positano, Italy and what should I do there?”. Find out how to get there, how to spend your days, where to stay, and what to eat when visiting this charming coastal town.

Positano is famous for its one-of-a-kind coastal scenery, summers spent floating in the sea, and delicious Italian cuisine. During a trip to Positano, I love spending my days shopping for local artisan goods, enjoying the coastal views on a boat tour, and visiting the historical sites along the Amalfi Coast.

A trip to the Amalfi Coast is unforgettable, but there are factors that go into planning the perfect vacation. Make sure to keep reading to see the different ways to get there, what I like to do and where I like to eat when I’m there, and some of the best places to stay during your dream Positano vacation.

Where is Positano, Italy?

When planning your Italian vacation, you may wonder “where is Positano, Italy?”. If looking on a map, you will find it along the Amalfi Coast, in the Campania region in the southern part of italy. It is famous for the stunning landscape, rich culture, and historical significance. The closest main city is Naples.

Geographically, Positano is part of the Amalfi Coast, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It stretches along the Tyrrhenian Sea, a part of the larger Mediterranean Sea. The town is built on the steep hillside of the cliffs of the Sorrentine Peninsula.

How to get to Positano, Italy

The closest airport to Positano is the Naples Airport (Napoli Capodichino Airport). From here, you can choose to take the train, bus, or a car to Positano.


Taxis waiting for passengers going to Positano in front of the Naples central station.
To reach Positano by train you can leave from Naples central station – CAPTAIN RAJU, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you decide to travel by train, you will need to get to the main train station, Napoli Centrale. From Napoli Centrale there is a direct train to Sorrento that only takes around 1.5 hours. From Sorrento, you will need to take the local bus to Positano. The bus from here is around 35 minutes. Pros of taking the train include a scenic journey at an affordable price. A negative to the train is that you have to transfer in Sorrento and the schedule may not always align perfectly.


To get to the Amalfi Coast by bus, you will have to take the bus from Napoli Centrale to Sorrento. From here, you must take a local bus to Positano. While a con of taking the bus is that you have to transfer and it is often very crowded during tourist season, it will likely be the most affordable option.

Private Transportation

Hiring a private car from the Naples Airport is the most convenient and comfortable option. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your driver who will take you straight to your accommodation in Positano, in around 1.5 hours. This is the easiest option, but will be the most expensive.

Insider Tip: If you’re looking for the best private driver in Italy, we suggest this private transfer for your journey from the airport to Positano.

8 Things to Do in Positano

1. Boat Tour at Sunset

Tourists enjoy the boat tour with a beautiful sunset in Positano.
Taking a boat tour in Positano is a unique experience

Joining a boat tour of Positano is one of the best ways to explore the coast, and what better way than to head into the glistening Mediterranean Sea during the glow of the sunset. Enjoy the views with this Positano Sunset Boat Tour while enjoying an aperitif and marveling at the colorful coastal houses.

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2. Visit the Historic Center of Positano

Visiting the historic center is a must when in Positano. Full of narrow streets, colorful buildings, and architecture that reflects the town’s rich history, you will love visiting the local artisans and boutiques. Make sure to stop in to the traditional restaurants to have the best authentic Italian seafood dishes.

3. Visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta

A top view of Santa Maria Assunta with a view of the sea in Positano
The church of Santa Maria Assunta is located in Positano and is recommended to visit

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is a really special place. Dating back to the 10th century, it  has traditional Baroque style architecture and is perched on a hilltop with a stunning view of the sea. There is an impressive collection of religious art inside, including the Black Madonna, which is said to have miraculous powers.

4. Relax at the Beach

Where is Positano, Italy? It’s on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and what better way to enjoy vacation than by taking advantage of this prime location by lounging at the beach. Make sure to save at least one day to rent out a lounge chair with no plans but to enjoy an aperol spritz and float in the sea.

5. Have a Climbing Experience

Positano Rocky Mountain is perfect for hiking and climbing with colorful houses.
Having a climbing experience in Positano is a unique experience to try

If you’re looking for an adventurous activity for your time in Positano, then this climbing experience is perfect for you. Catered to all levels, this half-day tour will provide you with an adrenaline filled adventure, surrounded by incredible views while you scale the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

6. Buy Sandals from Local Artisans

Positano is famous for its artisan goods being made right in front of you. One of the best souvenirs from your Italian adventure is a pair of sandals handcrafted by a local artisan.

Insider Tip: Nànà Positano is one of the best family run businesses in Positano for luxury sandals.

7. Taste the Limoncello

Different bottles of Limoncello include prices in Positano.
Positano and the Amalfi Coast are very famous for limoncello

Limoncello is a local speciality in Positano, and it is made with only the best and freshest local lemons grown in the region. Enjoying limoncello after your meal is a local tradition and a great way to appreciate Italian culture. Joining a limoncello tasting tour is one of the best things you can do on the Amalfi Coast.

8. Hiking the Path of the Gods

Exploring the hills and cliffs of the Amalfi Coast by hiking the Path of the Gods is an amazing way to get some exercise during your trip. Join this tour, which lasts a little over 4 hours, to take on this hiking trail with a local guide.

Where to Stay in Positano

Villa Diamond Luxury Suite

Beautiful view of city near the mountains and sea from the terrace of the Villa Diamond Luxury Suite
Photo Credit: – Villa Diamond Luxury Suite

Staying at Villa Diamond Luxury Suite is a dreamy experience that should not be missed. The staff here are unparalleled and the views from your room’s terrace will be phenomenal. This luxury property also offers a wellness package with beauty services and a solarium.

Location: 15 Via Trara Genoino, 84017 Positano, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: Beachfront, Terrace, Breakfast

Reviews: 9.6/10

Positano Dream Home

A breathtaking view of the Positano beach and city from the Positano Dream Home terrace
Photo Credit: – Positano Dream Home

The Positano Dream Home truly is a dream. This three bedroom home is perfect for a family as well as multiple couples traveling together. The view of the town and the sea is amazing and the staff are incredibly accommodating. Staying here will be a highlight of your Italian dream vacation.

Location: 13 Via Liparlati, 84017 Positano, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: City view, Terrace, Balcony

Reviews: 9.7/10

Villa Dei Principi

Above view of the Villa Dei Principi with breathtaking view of the sea from the terrace
Photo Credit: – Villa Dei Principi

Only a 6 minute walk from Positano Spiaggia, Villa Dei Principi is a luxury guest house in the heart of the town. The views are absolutely breathtaking and the service here is amazing. There are large balconies and a jacuzzi that can be used. Staying here will be an amazing part of your trip.

Location: S.S. Amalfitana, 9, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: Terrace, Breakfast, Bar

Reviews: 9.4/10

The Best Restaurants in Positano

Da Vincenzo Positano 1958

Inside the Da Vincenzo Positano 1958
Photo Credit: Da Vincenzo Positano 1958

If you’re looking for an upscale Italian dining experience, be sure to check out Da Vincenzo Positano 1958. The cozy brick and stone interior or stunning terrace create an amazing atmosphere to enjoy some of their specialties, such as paccheri di gragnano alla pescatora (a classic fresh seafood pasta). Many past guests have mentioned that this was the best meal from their trip to Italy. In the heart of Positano, this Michelin-starred restaurant fills up fast so be sure to make reservations well in advance.

Official Website: Da Vincenzo Positano 1958

Location: Viale Pasitea, 172/178, 84017 Positano SA

Reviews: 4.5/5

Insider Tip: Great Location

Casa Mele

Tender Lamb Milanese dish cooked by the Casa Mele
Photo Credit: Casa Mele

Stated in reviews, “Casa Mele was one of the best fine dining experiences of my life”, Casa Mele is an amazing choice for an intimate dining experience in Positano. The chef is truly an artist, with the menu showcasing traditional Italian cuisine with an artistic flare. You can order your meal a la carte or enjoy a fixed menu, choosing between a 5 course tasting menu, a 6 course creative menu, or a 7 course Chef’s Experience menu.

Official Website: Casa Mele

Location: Via G. Marconi, 76, 84017 Positano SA

Reviews: 4.7/5

Insider Tip: Exquisite Local Cuisine

Il Grottino Azzurro

Linguine pasta with Lobster served by the Il Grottino Azzurro
Photo Credit: Il Grottino Azzurro

Dining at Il Grottino Azzurro is an amazing and authentic dining experience. Some of the crowd favorites on the menu are the meatballs, spaghetti alle vongole, and the bruschetta. The service is amazing, with kind and helpful wait staff.

Official Website: N/A

Location: Via G. Marconi, 302/304, 84017 Positano SA

Reviews: 4.5/5

Insider Tip: Authentic Meatballs

What to See Nearby Positano

Amalfi Coast Towns

There are so many quaint towns to visit along the Amalfi Coast. If you are visiting Positano, you should visit some of the other towns nearby as well, they are all special and unique in their own ways.

Capri Island

A group of tourists enjoy boat tours and swimming in Capri near Positano.
The island of Capri is located near Positano and is a destination not to be missed

Visiting Capri Island is a popular excursion from Positano. It’s famous for the Blue Grotto, the scenic viewpoints, and the charming streets in the town center. You can take the public ferry to the island of Capri, but many people opt to take a guided boat tour.


When wondering, “where is Positano, Italy?”, you will find that it is very near to the popular city of Naples. This is a city rich in history and culture and the historic center is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Naples, you will find beautiful churches and fascinating museums. During your visit make sure to try an authentic Neapolitan pizza.


A human head is one of the archaeological sites in Pompeii near Positano.
Pompeii is located near Positano and is a world-famous archaeological site

Only about 30-40 minutes on the train, many people visit Pompeii during a trip to Positano. This ancient Roman city provides a fascinating glimpse into life during the Roman empire. The ancient history, architecture, and art is both educational and awe-inspiring.

FAQs about Where is Positano, Italy

Afternoon view of a town in Positano with a stunning sunset over the sea.
Here is the answer to some additional questions about “where is Positano?”

Why is Positano so famous?

Positano is famous for several reasons, including the breathtaking coastal scenery along the Italian coast, the beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea, and being one of the most luxurious towns along the Amalfi Coast.

Where is Positano, Italy on a Map?

It is located on the southern coast of Italy in the Campania region, along the Amalfi Coast. It is southwest of Naples and southeast of the city of Salerno.

What is the Closest Town to Positano, Italy?

The closest town to Positano is Praiano. Praiano is also a part of the Amalfi Coast, and is about 7.5 kilometers away. The closest main city in Naples, about 59 kilometers away.

Is Positano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast?

Positano is one of 13 towns on the Amalfi Coast. It is one of the most famous towns along the coastline.