Create amazing memories with your friends and family by seeing a unique perspective of the Mediterranean Sea with one of the many Amalfi Coast boat tours. Getting to experience sailing into the sea and diving into the blue waters is an unforgettable memory.

There are many different types of boat tours along the Amalfi Coast. You can choose to join a small group or book a private boat going to different destinations and lasting different lengths of time. Going out on a boat tour is an amazing way to spend a day during your trip to get the most out of the turquoise waters, fascinating sites like the Blue Grotto, and easily see different towns like Capri or Positano.

Whether you want to spend the day out on the water, go town hopping, or watch as the sun sets over the sea, there are plenty of options for you. Keep reading to see my favorite Amalfi Coast boat tours.

The 7 Best Shared Amalfi Coast Boat Tours

1. Capri Island Boat Tour

Family of tourists enjoy the Capri Island boat tour.
The Capri Island boat tour is one of the best tours that can be done on the Amalfi coast

Including hotel pick up and drop off in Sorrento, this 8-hour small group boat tour will take you to see the sights along the coast and in Capri. Sail along the coast of Sorrento admiring sights like Punta Campanella and the Natural Arch. Explore the White Grotta and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of Marina Piccola. Marvel at the sights on your way to Capri, where you will get to enjoy 4 hours exploring the shops or dining at one of the amazing seaside cafes.

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2. Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento

The charming town of Sorrento offers boat tours on the Amalfi coast.
Sorrento is an excellent town from which to depart for a boat tour on the Amalfi coast

Embark on this 8-hour journey from Sorrento seeing top destinations along the Amalfi Coast. This is the perfect tour for you if you want to see the coast from the water and explore the different towns but aren’t interested in jumping in. Highlights include stops in Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Gain valuable insights about the history and culture of the area with a local driver throughout the day. Hotel pick-up and drop as well as lunch is included.

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3. Capri and Blue Grotto Boat Tour

The Blue Grotto is a destination not to be missed on boat tours on the Amalfi coast
The Blue Grotto is a destination not to be missed on boat tours on the Amalfi coast

Sail along the Mediterranean coast seeing popular sights including the Marina Grande, Cascatella, the White Grotto, the Green Grotto, plus so much more. Highlights of the tour include getting to visit the Blue Grotto and stopping for around 4 hours to explore Capri on your own. With snacks and non-alcoholic drinks included, this is a great way to spend the day exploring a different side of the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy an intimate experience with a small group as there is a maximum of 8 passengers on board.

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4. Li Galli Island from Amalfi

A view of rock formation on Li Galli Island seen from a boat
Li Galli Island is a beautiful island to visit when taking a boat tour on the Amalfi coast – Photo by LenP17 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Sit back and relax on this 7-hour boat tour to see the magnificent sights, swim in multiple different spots, and explore Capri on foot. The company goes above and beyond with prosecco on arrival, caprese sandwiches, and limoncello to end the tour. The staff on board is personable, light-hearted, and knowledgeable about the area and they provide a fantastic experience. This is one of the best Amalfi Coast boat tours.

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5. Amalfi Sunset Cruise

Many boats parked on Amalfi coast with beautiful sunset.
Amalfi Sunset Cruise is the perfect boat tour to relax on the Amalfi coast

This sunset cruise is perfect for you if you want to spend a couple hours on the sea enjoying the views of the sun setting and lighting the sky up into vibrant pinks and oranges. You will get to enjoy a glass of prosecco and some snacks as you sail into the sunset, enjoying the view of the Amalfi Coast from a different perspective.

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6. Capri and Anacapri from Sorrento

Many tourists enjoy the amazing view of the cliffs of Capri
Capri and Anacapri boat tours are great when visiting the Amalfi coast

The Blue Grotto is a top sight for many when they come to the Amalfi Coast. The Capri and Anacapri from Sorrento tour not only provides entrance tickets to this natural phenomenon but also has stops in Anacapri and Capri. Going for a day trip to Capri can be a hassle to navigate, but this tour makes it an easy and enjoyable experience with all of the hard work done for you. Highlights of this tour include exploring the Blue Grotto in a rowboat, taking a chairlift to Mount Solaro, and touring the Gardens of Augustus.

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7. Boat Tour to Sorrento and Capri in Night

A night boat tour on the Amalfi coast
This boat tour is ideal for those who like to visit new places at night

This evening tour is incredibly unique as most Amalfi Coast boat tours operate during the daytime hours. Starting at 4 pm, this tour lasts around 7 to 8 hours, not finishing until 11 or 12 at night. This gives you the unique opportunity to explore Capri during the evening after the majority of the crowds have left. You will get to see must-see spots along the way such as the Green Grotto, the famous Faraglioni rocks, and the White Grotto, and will get the chance to swim and snorkel before spending the evening in Capri.

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The Top 3 Private Boat Tours of the Amalfi Coast

1. Private Amalfi Coast Boat Tour

Set sail on your own exclusive adventure on this private Amalfi Coast boat tour. Being the only people on board, you get a say on how you spend the day, depending on how you are feeling. You can stop and swim any time that you please while exploring the caves, grottoes, beaches, and seaside villages. You only get the unique choice of choosing between setting sail on a traditional wooden boat, speedboat, luxury speedboat, or larger yacht.

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2. Amalfi Coast Sunset Cruise

View of the Vesuvius volcano during a sunset cruise
Amalfi Coast Sunset Cruise is perfect for families and couples

Perfect for couples, families, and small groups, this private Amalfi Coast boat tour provides an enchanting evening out on the water watching as the glowing sunsets against the Mediterranean Sea. Get ready for a relaxing cruise during the sunset on board a speedboat while enjoying some Italian Prosecco. There is truly nothing like floating in the Mediterranean Sea looking up at the vibrant sky and the dotted colorful homes lining the towering cliffs.

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3. Private Capri Boat Tour

Set the pace of the day on this private Amalfi Coast boat tour. With the opportunity to visit Capri, see popular sites like the White Grotto and Marina di Puolo, and enjoy private experiences by finding quiet coves to jump in and snorkel. This Amalfi Coast boat tour will be a highlight of your Italian travels. This private tour includes snorkeling equipment, prosecco, and caprese salad.

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Insider Tips to Choose the Best Boat Tour of the Amalfi Coast

Tour Destination and Itinerary

A scenic view of the Amalfi Coast
There are plenty of spots where you can stop during the tour

There are so many spots a boat tour can take you to along the Amalfi Coast. Make sure to choose a tour provider that will accommodate what you are looking for. Some boats take you to different towns along the coast, while some just go to different swim spots. Depending on what you want from your boat day, make sure to book a tour that has an itinerary that suits you.

Duration and Timetable of the Tour

How long you prefer to be out on the water is a very personal choice. Some people are looking to go out for just 1-2 hours while others prefer a full-day trip. There are various boat tours available from just a quick 1-hour cruise to a full-day 9-hour boat trip.

Type of Boat or Vessel Used

From catamarans to speed boats to sailboats, there are multiple different types of boats you may find yourself on while jetting through the Mediterranean Sea. choose what suits you and your preferences before booking your boat tour.

Services Included in the Tour (meals, drinks, equipment, etc.)

So many tour providers along the Amalfi Coast provide different services on board. Some tours are catered to swimming and provide lunch, but you can also find dinner cruises, prosecco cruises, or trips that provide snorkeling gear.

Costs and Cancellation Policies

A beautiful view of the sea and of a town along the Amalfi Coast
It is important to look at costs and cancellation policies before booking

So much of travel can be unpredictable, so make sure to carefully review the cancellation policy of the boat tours that you are booking. Some tours are nonrefundable from the time of booking, but many have a cancellation policy that lets you get some or even all of your money back depending on the time of cancellation.

Experience and Reputation of the Tour Operator

Most tour providers have been around for a while and will have reputations for either providing a positive or negative experience. If you can’t find any information about a company online, try asking your accommodation host or hotel employees if they have heard any information about them. Additionally, ask them for recommendations, locals know best!

Reviews and Feedback from Other Customers

A woman enjoys the amazing view of the sea and of the cliffs
Checking the reviews of other users can help you choose the best Amalfi coast boat tour

You want to have the best experience possible when going out on an Amalfi Coast boat tour. Make sure to carefully read reviews about other people’s experiences and don’t take negative reviews lightly.

Security and Emergency Measures on Board

Safe tour providers will be transparent about security and emergency measures when on board. If you feel a company is hiding something or not being open and upfront about its safety precautions, it’s best to opt for a different tour provider.

FAQs about Amalfi Coast Boat Tours

Are Boat Tours on the Amalfi Coast Worth it?

Amalfi Coast boat tours are incredibly worth it. Spending the day on the water will be a highlight of your time in Italy.

How Long are the Boat Tours along the Amalfi Coast?

The length of time boat tours on the Amalfi Coast lasts anywhere from 1 to 2 hours all the way to 9 hours.

How Much does a Private Boat Tour on the Amalfi Coast cost?

The price of private boat tours on the Amalfi Coast ranges, typically starts around a few hundred dollars but luxury yachts can cost thousands of dollars.