Traveling from Rome to Tuscany is a popular route for an Italian vacation. Based on your travel style, there are a few different choices for how to get between the two. 

Whether you decide to travel by train, bus, or car depends on whether you are looking for convenience, affordability, or flexibility. The most popular method of travel is the train, but you may prefer to take the bus or to drive depending on your personal preferences. 

When I go to Tuscany from Rome, I almost always take the train. Keep reading to not only find out why I prefer taking the train, but also my favorite places to stay for a luxurious Tuscan vacation. 

How to Get From Rome to Tuscany 

The Tuscany to Rome distance is approximately 180 miles. As you go through the Italian countryside, make sure to appreciate the beautiful surroundings made up of rolling hills and vineyards. Keep reading to discover the difference between traveling by car, train, or bus along this beautiful route.

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From Rome to Tuscany by Train 

Tourists are traveling from Rome to Tuscany
Trains from Rome’s Termini Station provide flexibility and convenience for travelers. – Photo by lan4t CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED

Taking the train from Rome to Tuscany is the most popular option as it provides a combination of affordability and comfort. You will leave from Rome’s Termini Station. The approximate travel time to Tuscany is 1.5-2 hours and the train operates frequently, if it’s busy, it will even leave every 15-20 minutes. This provides flexibility and convenience for travelers. The cost of the train varies, but a standard fare will typically fall between $15-75. Depending on whether you are traveling during peak tourist season or a slower weekday, the crowd levels will vary but you can typically find the train to be a very comfortable option. 

From Rome to Tuscany by Bus

Some tourists went to the Rome Tiburtina bus station to reach Tuscany
Opting for bus travel from Tiburtina Station offers an affordable way to travel from Rome to Tuscany – Lalupa, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Traveling by bus is the most affordable option for the budget traveler. You will start your journey at Rome’s Tiburtina Bus Station and it will typically take from 3.5 to 4 hours. The bus is not as frequent as the train, but still departs often, typically 3 times a day. The cost of the bus varies, but typically falls between $20 and $40. Crowd levels on the bus may vary with potential peaks during popular travel seasons but tickets are sold by seat so you are guaranteed a spot during your trip. Traveling by bus is a convenient choice for those seeking an economical way to get to Tuscany. 

From Rome to Tuscany by Car 

A car heading towards Tuscany, leaving from Rome
While renting a car can be pricier, it offers a more private and personalized travel experience.

If you are traveling with a larger budget and are in search of the most private travel option, consider renting a car from Rome to Tuscany. The approximate travel time is 3-4 hours, depending on your specific starting and ending locations. While renting a car will be the most expensive option, it gives you flexibility in your itinerary to explore the countryside and its villages, stopping for spontaneous detours.

Taking the Train From Rome to Tuscany 

The train is both affordable and comfortable, typically making it the most popular choice for travelers. The two options for train travel are Italo and Trenitalia. 


The Italo train is ready to leave
For travel from Rome to Tuscany, Italo, a prominent Italian high-speed train company, stands out as the ideal choice. – Photo by Steven Vance CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED

Italo is a comfortable high-speed train. You can purchase tickets through the official Italo website, mobile app, or with an agent at the station. Depending on the class, date, and time you want to travel, prices will vary. You can typically expect the prices to be slightly lower than Trenitalia, but the comfort levels are also slightly lower. Depending on availability, tickets can be as low as 10 Euro but may reach €75 during busy times. When booking, you have the option to purchase either a refundable or a non-refundable ticket. Italo is known for being punctual and they typically adhere to the schedule.  


A Trenitalia train has just arrived at the central station of Florence, in Tuscany
Italy’s most widely used railway company, Trenitalia, provides an excellent travel option from Rome to Tuscany. – Photo by altotemi CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

Trenitalia, the national railway company, is the most popular train system in Italy. You can purchase tickets through the official Trenitalia website, mobile app, at the train station, or through various 3rd party websites. The cost of the ticket varies, but you can typically find them between 15 to 75 Euros. When booking, you have the option to book a non-refundable or a refundable ticket, giving you flexibility in your trip. Trenitalia is generally punctual and adheres to the schedule. 

The Best Hotels to Stay in Tuscany After Traveling From Rome 

The Tuscan countryside is known for its up-scale hotels and phenomenal properties. With incredible hospitality and breathtaking views, prepare to be blown away by your stay. Below are some of our favorite properties to stay at after traveling from Rome to Tuscany. 

Monastero Di Cortona Hotel & Spa

Beautiful luxury room in Monastero Di Cortona Hotel & Spa
Photo Credit: – Monastero Di Cortona Hotel & Spa

For world-class luxury, stay in the Monastero Di Cortona Hotel & Spa. This high-end hotel is located in an ancient monastery in a beautiful location. The staff goes above and beyond to serve you and you will feel like royalty when staying in this slice of paradise in Tuscany. Many past guests have even said that their stay at Monastero Di Cortona was the highlight of their entire Italian vacation. 

Location: Via del Salvatore, 52044 Cortona, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: Spa, Room Service, Airport Shuttle, Bar

Reviews: 9.4/10

Podere Mezzastrada

Large outdoor pool in the middle of trees in Podere Mezzastrada
Photo Credit: – Podere Mezzastrada

For a relaxing escape in the heart of the Chianti region, Podere Mezzastrada provides a unique and luxurious stay. Dating back to the 18th century, you will feel like you took a step back in time while wandering through the gardens enjoying the views of the vast vineyards. The apartments are quiet and peaceful and watching the sunset by the pool is the perfect way to end your days in Tuscany. 

Location: Via Strada 373, 50020 Fiano, Italy

Stars: 3

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Pet Friendly, BBQ Facilities

Reviews: 8.7/10

Agri Resort & SPA Le Colline del Paradiso

Hot tub inside the Agri Resort & SPA Le Colline del Paradiso with a stunning view of the landscape
Photo Credit: – Agri Resort & SPA Le Colline del Paradiso

This 5-star resort provides a stunning escape. At Agri Resort & Spa Le Colline Del Paradiso, each luxurious room has mountain views and the property is absolutely breathtaking. It is family run and the welcoming hospitality is incredible, with personalized attention to detail making you feel special throughout your stay. 

Location: Via del Viliani 756, 50036 Vaglia, Italy 

Stars: 5

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Spa, Family Rooms

Reviews: 8.9/10

How to Get From Tuscany to Rome

The same journey from Rome to Tuscany can be traveled in reverse if you are starting in Florence. Plan your trip with ease by following the same transportation options, train, bus, or car, but in the opposite direction by traveling from Tuscany to Rome. For added convenience when planning your trip, consider booking flexible ticket options so you can extend your time in Tuscany when you inevitably fall in love with the countryside.  

FAQs About Rome to Tuscany 

The panoramic view of Florence
A day trip from Rome to Tuscany is a great idea if you want to explore its capital, Florence.

Here are the most common questions from tourists who decide to go from Rome to Tuscany.

Is a Day Trip to Tuscany from Rome Worth it?

Whether a day trip from Rome to Tuscany is worth it depends on what you are looking for out of your experience. If you are short on time, there are many tours that let you experience the Tuscan countryside in just 1 day, but you may miss out on experiencing the relaxing charm of a leisurely stay in the region. A day trip can be worth it if you have specific priorities, like exploring a single town, trying Tuscan cuisine, or seeing the beautiful views. 

What is the Fastest Way to Get from Rome to Tuscany?

The fastest way to travel from Rome to Tuscany is by high-speed train. The train is a quick and efficient way to travel between the two in only 1.5-2 hours. 

What is the Best Transportation from Rome to Tuscany?

The best mode of transportation depends on your travel preferences. For fast convenience, the train is the best method. If you want flexibility to explore and a scenic road trip, consider renting a car. If you are traveling on a budget, the bus typically is the most economical option.