Rome is full of art and a captivating charm that was once the cradle of human achievement, but if you’ve seen everything the Eternal City has to offer, and if you’d like to escape for a day, you have plenty of fun and exciting day trips from Rome by train that will give you a change of scenery. Italy has a lot to see, so it only makes sense to see all that you can while here.

There is no shortage of day trips from Rome by train, and you can choose from many popular destinations that include Pompeii, Naples, Pisa, Tivoli, Florence, Frascati, and Assisi. Explore the ancient Roman ruins and discover the beauties of a mighty empire that once ruled across three continents. The day trips here will give you a break from the Eternal City while enjoying yourself immensely.

Curious about the best day trips and finding one that will leave you awestruck at all the beauty of Italian culture? Read on as we look at the best things to do on a day trip from Rome.

Before Leaving Rome…

Have you seen all the popular sites in Rome like the Pantheon, the Vatican, the Colosseum, and the Trevi Fountain? If you’ve seen all of this and more and would like to explore the fun places surrounding Rome in Central Italy, then prepare for this ultimate list of the best day trips from Rome by train and explore this country to its fullest potential.

The 10 Best Day Trips from Rome by Train

Train travel takes you straight to the heart of the action, and you can avoid the parking issues common throughout the country. No better way to see the Bael Paese exists than to travel by train and links exist in most towns and cities making travel easier. Let’s take a look at the most wonderful day trips.

1. Pompeii

The tourists arrived in Pompeii with a day trip from Rome by train
Pompeii is located a few hours away from Rome, by train

Estimated Time: 1h 58 min

Treasured because it offers one of the most untainted looks into ancient Roman culture, Pompeii is a time capsule and a tragic story from a volcano eruption that killed at least 2,000 people. Some believe the death toll could be as high as 16,000. One of the most fascinating discoveries here was a giraffe bone that the wealthy people sought as an exotic food for their meals. This is one of the best day trips from Rome by train that will leave you speechless. You will see some of the best preserved human remains like a partially visible ear.

2. Ostia Antica

Ruins of Ostia Antica, an ancient Roman port city near Rome, Italy
Ostia Antica is the perfect destination for a day trip from Rome by train

Estimated Time: 30 min

Much closer to Rome than the first destination, Ostia Antica ranks as one of the most beautiful sites near Rome and like the first site, history fanatics will fall in love with the ancient city. The two main things to see include the “Borgo” with a lovely castle, and the archaeological park that dates back to the later half of the 4th century BC as an armed camp. Historians often attribute this large archaeological site to King Ancus Marcus, whom they believe founded it in 630 BC for salt pans at the mouth of the Tiber River.

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3. Florence

The tourists arrived in Florence with a day trip from Rome by train
Florence is a beautiful city of art to visit, the train from Rome is very convenient

Estimated Time: 1h 39 min

Once the heart of the Italian Renaissance, many of the country’s most celebrated artists lived in Florence, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giorgio Vasari, Leon Battista Alberti, and Masaccio. Florence is like an elegant overture full of museums and art galleries that enchant you, and the cuisine here is to die for. The most famous dish to try here is Bistecca alla Fiorentina. You can view many Renaissance artworks in the museums and art galleries in Florence.

4. Frascati

A charming view of Frascati, Italy, highlighting the town's scenic landscape
Frascati is a small town in the metropolitan area of ​​Rome –  Frascati” by fotokoci is marked with CC0 1.0.

Estimated Time: 25 min

Frascati is one of the day trips from Rome Italy by train that is famous for its white wine and its luxurious villas. You will find that many of the locals hang out here at the piazza. Few people in Frascati speak English, so you would want to keep that in mind when coming here. Try the white wine known as Frascati Superiore. The family making wine here has done it since the 1500s. During a trip to this village, the landscapes will enchant you into a dream-like state of being.

5. Tivoli

The tourists arrived in Tivoli after getting off the train that left Rome
Tivoli can be reached in a very short time and is ideal for a day trip from Rome by train

Estimated Time: 39 min

Sitting 18 miles to the north of Rome, ancient Tivoli boasts a rich history even further back than Rome, and it dates back to 1215 BC. You might think of Tivoli as the site of the thermal baths. Since ancient times, people saw Tivoli as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Rome. You will find two famous, but extraordinarily different villas in Tivoli. First, you have Hadrian’s Villas, which were once the retreat of the Roman emperor. Second, you have Villa d’Este, which was a lush and watery 16th-century residence of the Catholic cardinal Ippolito d’Este, which today is an Italian state museum and an UNESCO World Heritage site.

6. Amalfi Coast

Breathtaking coastal view of the Amalfi Coast, Italy
The Amalfi Coast takes approximately 2 hours by train from Rome to reach

Estimated Time: 2h

Since ancient Roman days, the Amalfi Coast has captured the imagination of its travelers, and it would make a good day trip for those who love nature trails, the sea, history, and art. UNESCO made the Amalfi Coast into a World Heritage site in 1997. The beaches rank among some of the most beautiful in the world making it one of the perfect day trips from Rome Italy by train for people who love chilling on the beach.

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7. Orvieto

A captivating view of Orvieto after a day trip from Rome by train
Orvieto is located in Umbria and is a beautiful destination to reach by train from Rome

Estimated Time: 1h 34 min

Holding wonders as a medieval Umbrian city, the whole town has narrow streets, historic palaces, and beautiful churches. Orvieto also includes a maze of underground tunnels and caves with over 1,200 tunnels from the Etruscan civilization. Running through this ancient labyrinth will take you back 2,500 years.

8. Assisi

A serene view of Assisi, Italy, showcasing the medieval architecture
Assisi is a religious place that can be reached in about 2 hours by train from Rome

Estimated Time: 1h 51 min

Famous because of it being the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, this city holds many spiritual treasures and works of art. You would enjoy a day trip here because you won’t struggle to think of fun things to do while in Assisi. For one thing, you have a long list of basilicas and churches that you can visit, and the streets are beautiful. This has also become somewhat of a favorite spiritual retreat among Catholics who love St. Francis, and this includes many monks and nuns. The town has a strong link with Franciscans. Many come for the masterpieces of Cimabue and Giotto. Everything gets set against a backdrop of beautiful wooded hills. When you go to Assisi, try their Agnello allo scottadito, which is a grilled lamb cutlet.

9. Pisa

The tourists arrived in Pisa after a day trip from Rome by train
Pisa is the perfect destination for a day trip from Rome by train

Estimated Time: 2h 31 min

Perhaps most famous for its Leaning Tower of Pisa, the city has a whole lot more to offer, which is why it makes sense as one of the day trips from Rome by train.Their food identity has always been connected to the sea, and some of their best dishes will be the fish. For example, Spaghetti con le arselle, are stuffed mussels in the Pisa style. They’re filled with squid, shrimp, and eggs and cooked in tomato sauce. The lively historical center and the art collection, along with the quirky churches of Pisa, has a ton to offer tourists. You could also take a trip to the naval museum, which will give you over 1,000 years of Italian naval history. Discover the trade routes used and the evidence of shipwrecks. Pisa is not a large city, and you only need a day to see most of it.

10. Naples

Naples seen from above, with an enchanting panorama
Naples is located quite close to Rome and is a destination not to be missed, especially if you travel by train

Estimated Time: 1h 19 min

The largest historic center of Europe, Naples gives you narrow artistic streets, ancient churches, imposing palaces, and underground tunnels. You can admire the ancient artifacts and look at places that go back 5,000 years. Naples is full of mystery, and it ranks as the third largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan. You would especially want to come here for the archaeological museum since it ranks as one of the best in all of Italy—it may even be one of the best in the world. In many cases, people overlook Naples for its more popular rivals Florence, Milan, and Rome, but just remember—this was the place that invented pizza. A place that invented a food that good has to be worth the visit. Naples in general is also a foodie’s paradise with tons of great foods to choose from.

The Secret Tours That We Recommend

Italo high-speed train at Rome Termini station, showcasing modern rail infrastructure and efficient transportation services
Here are the day trips from Rome by train that we recommend –Rome Termini Italo High Speed Train” by Rob Dammers is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Now that we’ve looked at the best cities for day trips from Rome by train,let’s take a look at a couple of secret tours that we would recommend you try.

Rome to Pompeii Tour with Wine and Lunch (by High Speed Train)

An all-inclusive and value-packed day trip, you can take this tour to eliminate much of the hassle. Skip the lines and enjoy wine tasting at a farm where you will experience the finest. You will also listen to Pompeii and its history from an expert archaeological guide. Where you will eat your lunch will be right next to a vineyard located on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

Ancient Ostia Antica (Semi-Private Day Trip from Rome by Train with Guide)

The ruins of Ostia Antica sometimes are called “The better Pompeii” because of how excellently preserved everything is here. This half-day trip from Rome will look at the taverns and baths of Neptune. Some of the notable things that you will see while on tour here include Ostia’s Amphitheater, the Collegiate Temple, and the Forum of the Corporations. Train tickets are included with this day trip tour, and you will tour with an English-speaking guide.

Rome to Florence: High-Speed Train Day Trip

During this day trip tour, you will see all the most treasured architectural masterpieces Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo. You will explore this city on a guided walking tour that will let you skip to the head of the line at the Uffizi Gallery, which helps you to beat the crowds. At the same time, you will be given free time to roam the city on your own and see what wonders you can discover. The guide is a professional local who knows the area.

How to Reach the Rome Train Station

For an unforgettable day trip from Rome by train, start your journey at the bustling Rome Termini, the main train station situated at Via Giovanni Giolitti, 40, 00185 Rome, RM, Italy. This central transportation hub not only serves as a gateway to various enchanting destinations but also offers a glimpse into the vibrant rhythm of Roman life.

To reach Rome Termini seamlessly, consider calling a taxi or using a convenient ride-sharing service like Uber. This ensures a stress-free and timely arrival, allowing you to focus on the exciting adventure that awaits you. The station itself is a marvel of architectural grandeur, with its distinctive facade and bustling atmosphere creating an atmosphere of anticipation for your upcoming escapade.

Best Train Companies for a Day Trip from Rome

An Frecciarossa is ready to leave from Termini station for a day trip from Rome
The best companies for day trips from Rome by train are Italo and Trenitalia –The Train to Rome” by ctj71081 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Let’s take a look at the best trains to take for a day trip from Rome and what you need to know about riding on each one.

  • Italo – Known for its elegance and comfort, Italo lets you relax and ride in security and privacy. This high-speed train will get you to your destination on time because they tend to leave on time.
  • Trenitalia – These trains have no seat reservations, and they depart and arrive from the centers of all the major cities.

FAQs about day trips from Rome by train

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions that we encounter from travelers who choose to do a day trip from Rome.

Where Can You Take a Train from Rome to?

The trains from Rome go to all the major Italian cities and even some of the major European cities. Some of the places where you can go include Milan, Naples, Florence, Amalfi Coast, and Pisa.

How Do I Buy Train Tickets in Rome?

The fastest way to buy train tickets in Rome is with the automated ticket machines. Just look for the English option to make it easier to navigate.

Can I Use My Credit Card to Buy Train Tickets in Rome?

You can use credit cards to buy a train ticket while in Rome, but you will need a credit card with a PIN.

Which is the Difference between High-Speed and Regional Train Tickets in Italy?

High-speed train tickets will usually cost more than the regional train tickets because they take you to your destination faster. The regional trains, in comparison, may move more slowly, but they give you a broader network of towns to visit.

Featured Image Credits: Rob Dammers, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons