Perhaps you heard that someone vacationed on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, and it left you wondering, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” There are several things to know about this region of Italy that has captured the human imagination since Roman times.

The Amalfi Coast is situated in the Campania region of Italy and covers 34 miles of coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea. This coastal region includes several towns and became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997 due to it boasting some of the most stunning views in Italy. Many of the small towns here sit perched on the mountains and cliffs overlooking the sea.

For a comprehensive understanding of what sets the Amalfi Coast apart, delve into the following discussion as we uncover the key elements that make this region truly exceptional.

What is the Amalfi Coast?

A beautiful sunny day  and colorful houses on Amalfi coast.
The Amalfi coast is a beautiful area of ​​Italy with visitors from all over the world

The Amalfi Coast became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, and in Italian, you will hear it called Costiera Amalfitana. Internationally, picturesque coastal region earned a reputation for its cultural value and natural beauty. You will occasionally hear it called the divine coast because of its otherworldly panoramas, dreamy cliffs and stunning beaches. The Amalfi Coast stretches 34 miles along the coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and it belongs to the Campania region of Italy.

Many celebrities love this destination in Italy. Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto, for example, first began to visit Italy five years ago. He’s made it no secret that he loves the Campania cuisine. Ask him, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” and you’re guaranteed to receive an enthusiastic reply.

Other celebrities who visited the Amalfi Coast include:

  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Shay Mitchell
  • Dan Blizerian
  • Michail Semenov
  • Anne Curtis
  • Mariah Carrey

Anne Curtis once exclaimed, “Just like a postcard!” That would sum up the beauty of this location, but you need to see it for yourself. The best time to visit the Amalfi Coast is usually during the high season from March to August.

What are the 13 Towns that form the Amalfi Coast?

1. Praiano

The main church of Praiano near at the sea.
The main church of Praiano, one of the towns of the Amalfi coast

Asking yourself, “What is considered the Amalfi Coast?” Praiano would belong to that category with 2,026 inhabitants. The main attraction is that it remains unspoiled by tourists and many pass over this location. The town sits perched over the cliffs of the sea, and many small beaches dot the shoreline. At the same time, it costs less than Positano. Dine under lemons surrounded by views of the sea. If I had to say the best restaurant, I would recommend  Ristorante M’ama!

2. Atrani

A tourist enjoys the view of blue sea and mountains on Amalfi Coast
Atrani has a crazy view that overlooks the sea

Consisting of 862 people, Atrani’s main attraction is having one of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast—Spaggia Grande. This town makes sense for those who want a quieter area, and it only sits a few minutes from the town of Amalfi. I would recommend Cumpa Cosimo for a restaurant here. This is an old school traditional Italian restaurant with a terrace. Since the town has a reputation for its seafood, you might give it a try.

3. Conca dei Marini

A beautiful sunset with cloud formations on the Conca Dei Marini
The sunset on the Conca Dei Marini, a beautiful town on the Amalfi coast

Known as a charming little town of 681 people, Conca dei Marini has a great beach lined with some awesome restaurants. If I had to make a recommendation, I would say to check out La Bonta del Capo because of its awesome food and incredible views. The most precious attraction here is Grotta dello Smeraldo. This cave dazzles you with its beauty and captures your imagination with its historic legend.

4. Amalfi

A green and peaceful landscape above the sea at Amalfi.
From Amalfi, you have the privilege of a stunning landscape above the sea

If you ask, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” What better answer to that than the town of Amalfi? It boasts having 5,088 inhabitants. The traditional seafood rank as the main find. For a restaurant, I would say to check out Marina Grande since it has some of the best octopuses on the coast. For the main attraction, I would recommend Duomo di Amalfi, a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral with relics from Apostle Saint Andrew.

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5. Tramonti

Having only a population of 4,080 people, Tramonti boasts of being the home of some of the most famous cheeses in Italy like mozzarella and ricotta. Most know it as the “Green Lung” of the Amalfi Coast. They have great wine and delicious pizza different from Neapolitan pizzas because of the dough and a temperature that never goes above 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also garnished with fior di latte cheese. I would recommend Ristorante Montagne Verdi since it serves pizza, spaghetti, and fish.

6. Minori

The houses of Minori on the mountain, overlooking at the sea.
The houses of Minori overlooking the sea

Minori has a population of 2,743 inhabitants, and the town earned became famous during the 18th century for its pasta factories and watermills. If you visit Minori, you need to try the pasta at the restaurants nestled between the brightly colored houses. The area is famous for producing lemons. For a restaurant, I’d recommend Giardiniello. I’d highly recommend the spicy salami pizza or the zucchini appetizer. A big attraction here worth seeing is the ancient Roman villa Villa Marittima Romana.

7. Furore

A roman bridge to connect from the other towns.
Furore is connected to the other towns of the Amalfi Coast with a Roman bridge

Whenever you ask, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” You wind up with a collection of little towns that would include Furore. Having a population of 822, the best attraction here is Fiordo di Furore. This narrow cove has two sheer rock faces that are connected by an arched bridge. There’s a restaurant five minutes from here called Ristorante La Locanda Del Fiordo with incredible views. While the price may be a bit high, it’s worth it for the views.

8. Cetara

Travelers enjoys calm sea and good weather at the Amalfi Coast town of Cetara.
The Amalfi Coast town of Cetara, famous for its anchovies – Gianfranco Vitolo, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia

Having a population of 2,105 inhabitants, Cetara has what most consider the best fish on the Amalfi Coast. Try out the legendary Colatura di Alici, an anchovy syrup with an origin that dates back to the Roman era. For the best attraction, I would recommend Torre di Cetara. The tower has become a symbol of excellence in the country. For the best restaurant, I would recommend Ristorante Cetara Punto e Pasta. This location has some of the best pasta on the Amalfi Coast, but I’d recommend a tuna fillet since this town is famous for its seafood.

9. Vietri sul Mare

An areal view of beautiful village of the Vietri Sul Mare.
The breathtaking view of Vietri Sul Mare, one of the villages on the Amalfi coast

Vietri sul Mare has a population of 7,819 inhabitants, and while less picturesque than Amalfi or Positano, Vietri sul Mare would serve as an excellent less costly home base near Solano. It became famous for its traditional ceramics, which have existed since the Middle Ages. For a restaurant, I would recommend Il Principe e la Civetta. Every plate that comes out of the kitchen here is amazing. Try the sea bass fish for a treat.

10. Positano

A luxury hotel with a overlooking landscape view.
Positano has many luxury hotels in which to stay overnight

Ask, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” And the most common answers that people know will either be the town of Amalfi or Positano. Positano is famous for its lively nightlife, colorful buildings and luxury villas. The foods I would recommend here include scialatielli ai frutti di mare or spaghetti alle vongole. For a restaurant, I would recommend Da Vincenzo Positano 1958. Check the reviews, and you will hear this a lot, “That was the best I ever had.” This town is also prettier than Amalfi.

11. Scala

A houses of small town on the Amalfi coast located at the mountains.
A small town on the Amalfi coast: ScalaTango7174, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Scala has a population of 1,533, and it has one of the most beautiful theaters in the world known as Teatro alla Scala. It has served as the home of Italian opera since 1781. I would recommend Il Pinguino for a restaurant with their pizza being the best choice. For an attraction, I would say to check out Ruderi della Basilica di Sant’Eustachio. It’s considered one of the most beautiful churches in southern Italy.

12. Maiori

Above view of calm and clear water of Maiori beach, Amalfi Coast.
Maiori has small beaches with pristine water

What is considered the Amalfi Coast? Maiori belongs to this list, and it’s most famous for its lemon production. I would recommend the granita dessert, a sweet icy and lemon dessert. For a restaurant, check out Maiori Food Coast. They have the best Zeppole on the Amalfi Coast. Asking, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” will usually give you a couple of answers, but you can’t miss this town if you want to see some incredible beaches. The town has a population of 5,588.

13. Ravello

A view of Tyrrhenian sea can enjoy from Ravello.
From Ravello you can admire the Tyrrhenian Sea which laps the coast

Ravello has a population of 2,490 inhabitants. The town has a worldwide reputation as “The City of Music” because of its summer festival, The Ravello Music Festival. For a restaurant, check out Babel Wine Bar Bistro & Art. This might be a small place, but don’t underestimate the quality of the food. The ravioli with speck in onion with a cheese sauce is a delicious choice. While in Ravello, I would recommend that you check out Villa Cimbrone Gardens. The spot has expansive gardens, dramatic views, and it dates back at least to the 11th century.

3 Things That Make the Amalfi Coast Special

You have three main things that make the Amalfi Coast special and worth visiting. Those three things include:

  • Streets overlooking the sea
  • Hiking trails
  • Beach clubs

1. Streets Overlooking the Sea

The Amalfi Coast holds some of the world’s most interesting cobblestone streets due to the hilly landscapes of the region. You can get some of the most picturesque views of the Mediterranean Sea here. There are plenty of narrow streets on the Amalfi Coast, and you will walk past many colorful buildings. Most of the streets here if you follow them long enough will wind their way down to the soft and sandy beaches. Asking, “What is the Amalfi Coast?” This will hopefully give you some idea of what it is and why five million tourists flock to this region every year.

2. Hiking Trails

A travelers enjoys hiking trip with view of sea above at Amalfi Coast.
Hikers walking along the Path of the Gods, Amalfi Coast – Jack45, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Beyond any doubt, the most famous hiking trail on the Amalfi Coast is the Path of the Gods. The locals call it Sentiero Degli Dei. This mountain trail earned its reputation for some of the most breathtaking views of the Sorrento Peninsula and Positano. It takes about three to five hours to hike it and stretches 4.34 miles. Most consider it an easy to moderate trail.

If you desired, you could hike the entire Amalfi Coast on foot from Salerno to Sorrento. You can choose from a variety of trails, but be aware that the terrain here can become incredibly steep.

3. Beach Clubs

The Amalfi Coast is famous for its beach clubs, and if you were to look anywhere in Italy, you may want to choose this region for them because they have the best. Positano would probably have your best beach clubs, but you have plenty of great choices in Ravello and Amalfi. When it comes to the beach clubs here, they offer a variety, such as beach clubs for families, beach clubs for luxury, budget clubs for budget travelers, and beach clubs for partiers.

FAQs About the Amalfi Coast

Is Capri Part of the Amalfi Coast?

Belonging to the islands on the Amalfi Coast, Capri is considered part of this picturesque coastal region. It’s particularly popular for boaters, and it has become known as a great place to relax. The drawback is that it’s one of the most expensive places to stay on the coast.

Is Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast?

Sorrento doesn’t belong to the region. While many consider it as part of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento doesn’t belong to this renowned coastal stretch. Even though they don’t consider it part of Amalfi, you may still want to visit it. The town sits 11 miles from the coastal area.

What is the Typical Food?

The Amalfi Coast boasts some of the world’s finest fish cuisine, and many of the typical foods on the Amalfi Coast will be seafood. You may want to check out the famous tart liquor limoncello. Going there is one of the best ways to get the best limoncello in the world.

What Makes the Amalfi Coast Special?

You have three main things that make the Amalfi Coast special, and they include the streets overlooking the sea, the many hiking trails with picturesque views, and the many beach clubs found in the region. The stunning views of this area have captured the imagination since the ancient Roman period.