Where is the Amalfi Coast? With all of the videos that are going viral and showing its most popular destinations, it’s a natural question. The area is having its travel moment on platforms like Instagram and TikTok for good reason: it’s breathtaking, with endless sea views, incredible food, and tons of things to see and do.

But, if you’ve never been to Italy or the Amalfi Coast, it can be difficult – even overwhelming – to get a good idea of the area’s geography. With so many options, how can one know exactly how to map out a route, or what parts will provide the best bang for your travel buck?

If you’ve ever wanted to visit this treasure trove of culture, read on to discover exactly where it is, along with some of its most swoon-worthy towns and local specialties.

Where Is the Amalfi Coast in Italy?

If you are looking up where the Amalfi Coast is on a map, it is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline located in the Campania region of southwest Italy. It overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno.

13 Towns That Make Up the Amalfi Coast

1. Amalfi

A beautiful view of the town of Amalfi
One of the most famous towns on the Amalfi coast is… Amalfi!

Amalfi isn’t just the name of the area along the coast, it’s the name of the picturesque seaside town that sits at the foot of Monte Serreto and along the Gulf of Salerno. There are many things to see and do in town, ranging from visiting St. Peter’s Cathedral in Piazza Duomo, to visiting the Museum of Handmade Paper, boat races, and much more.

2. Atrani

A tourist enjoys the view of the calm sea of Atrani
Atrani is a town famous for its beautiful beaches

This destination is a must-see, especially for the beach lovers out there! Atrani has one of the best beaches in the area and other notable sights, including Torre dello Ziro, Grotto of the Saints, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

3. Cetara

There are many tourists who enjoy swimming and the beach located in Cetara, along the Amalfi coast
The town of Cetara, famous for its anchovies – Gianfranco Vitolo, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia

If you’re looking up “Where is the Amalfi Coast,” make sure to zoom in on Cetara. Its sandy beaches and local sights, including La Torre Cerniola and the Arechi Castle, make it a must-visit. Book a table at Dea Mangiona or Cetara Punto e Pasta to eat well.

4. Conca dei Marini

An areal view of Conca dei Marini at dusk
At the Conca dei Marini you can taste excellent wines

Situated on a hill between Amalfi and Furore, Conca dei Marini has some special sights the next time you visit: Check out the Grotto di Smeraldo, Piccadilly Ceramics, and Cantine di Marisa Cuomo for delicious wine tasting.

5. Furore

A view of the bridge above the famous fjord in Furore, along the Amalfi Coast
Furore is a well-known town located on the Amalfi coast

Take a break from the busier Amalfi Coast towns and visit Furore, where spending some quality time outside pays off. Here, there is an open-air mural exhibit, along with beautiful Gothic churches, and the fiordo if you feel like taking a dip in the water.

6. Maiori

The sea at Maiori is one of the most memorable places to take a bath
In Maiori you can take memorable baths in the sea

Maiori has the longest unbroken stretch of beach along the Amalfi Coast, so make sure you have your sunscreen and bathing suit ready if you stop here! Also add the Castle of St. Nicola, Santa Maria de Olearia, and the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare.

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7. Minori

A view of the mountain coast aorund the town of Minori
Minori is an Amalfi coast town rich in history

Although its name means small, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a visit. Its ties to history are impressive – the Roman Maritime Archaeological Villa has preserved frescoes, tunnels and stucco, and the St. Nicola Convent dates back to the 11th century.

8. Positano

A group of tourists enjoys Positano, located on the Amalfi coast.
Positano is located on the Amalfi coast and is a well-known town

If you find yourself asking “Where is the Amalfi Coast?” you can most likely instantly imagine the town of Positano, arguably one of the most popular in the area for tourists. Spend a few days here shopping and seeing the town, see the Amalfi Coast by boat, soak up the sun, or hike up Il Sentiero degli Dei.

9. Praiano

A blue sea and the coast around Praiano
Located between Amalfi and Positano, Praiano is a town on the Amalfi coast

Praiano is a town not to be missed on your Amalfi Coast trip. Between Amalfi and Positano, visit Praiano for its stunning sunsets, Marina di Praia beach, and Path of the Gods. Take a boat tour to experience the breathtaking views.

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10. Ravello

A view of the blue sea and boats from Ravello
Ravello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Named a Unesco World Heritage Site, make sure Ravello is on your list of places to visit along the Amalfi Coast. It is home to some historical palazzi (or palaces) that provide breathtaking views, like Villa Cimbrone, Villa Ruffolo, and La Rondinaia.

11. Scala

The small town of Scala is sorrounded by nature and countryside
Scala, a small town on the Amalfi coast – Tango7174, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thought to have been founded by a Roman shipwreck traveling to Constantinople, Scala is one of the oldest towns along the Amalfi Coast. Its small size means that it’s not overrun by tourists (yet). It is famous for its annual chestnut festival and fantastic views of Ravello, which is reachable in 30 minutes by foot.

12. Tramonti

A amazing view of the sea and cliffs from a hotel located in the Tramonti
Tramonti is a town rich in history, located on the Amalfi coast

If you translate Tramonti from Italian to English, it means“in the mountains.” If you are headed to Maiori on your trip to the Amalfi Coast, Tramonti is an easy stop. Check out Cappella Rupestre, a 13th-century church in rock, the Castle of Montalto, or the Covenant of Saint Francis.

13. Vietri sul Mare

A night view of Vietri sul mare, famous for its ceramic products
Vietri sul mare is famous for its ceramic products, built by local artisans

Are you looking to go home with some authentic, handmade gifts? Vietri Sul Mare is known for its polychrome ceramics, a tradition that has been upheld since the 15th century. Visit Palazzo Solimene, which was built after World War II and houses ceramic collections.

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What Characterizes the Amalfi Coast?

A breathtaking view of the  Amalfi coast at dusk
The Amalfi coast is famous all over the world for its breathtaking views and for the famous people who visit it.

In the past, the Amalfi Coast was famous for being a popular spot for sea trade. These days it is known for hosting some of the world’s most notable people, from Vanessa Hudgens, to Michael Jordan, Jennifer Lopez, and Jeff Bezos.

Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular vacation spots in Europe. Tourists flock to the area for a wide range of activities: From relaxing on the beach to being well-connected among charming small towns in the area, the Amalfi Cost has a lot to offer individuals, couples, and families alike.

When you see where the Amalfi Coast is in Italy, its seaside location makes seafood some of the freshest in the area. Another food for which the Amalfi Coast is famous is lemons. This gigantic fruit is fundamental to pasta dishes, lemon-flavored white chocolate, and yes, limoncello.

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FAQs About Where is the Amalfi Coast

Positano, a colorful town of the Amalfi coast with tourist boats on the sea.
The Amalfi coast is located in Campania, near Naples and consists of 13 towns

What is the Main Town on the Amalfi Coast?

Amalfi is the largest town along the Amalfi Coast and one of the most popular locations to stay in.

What City Is Closest to the Amalfi Coast?

Several cities make up the Amalfi Coast, including Amalfi, Cetara, Minori, Positano, Ravello, Tramonti, Vietri sul Mare, and more.

Is Capri Part of the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast also includes several islands, and Capri is one of them.

Even if you aren’t sure about your exact itinerary when visiting the Amalfi Coast, the region has much to offer. Indeed, you are sure to be captivated by its natural beauty, water views, and rich culture.