Before visiting this seaside heaven, it’s worth having an Amalfi Coast itinerary prepared. The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most revered tourist destinations for a reason. This waterside paradise is overflowing with breathtaking cliffsides, charming towns, and delicious eateries.

Whether you’re a sucker for ancient history, sandy shores, or traditional cuisine, the Amalfi Coast is sure to astound you. Because of its versatility, this location can be enjoyed in several different time frames. You can revel in its luxuries in a short, 3-day stay, or you can splurge on a 10-day retreat. Regardless, I have carefully curated the ideal itinerary for you to experience a true blend of culture and natural beauty.

There’s no better place to soak up the sun in a beach chair. Explore the wonders of Amalfi and unwind in an environment that has captivated travelers for generations. Keep reading to check out my itineraries for this unique Italian jewel.

How to Get to the Amalfi Coast

Linee Rumore Marittima boat parked on  the Amalfi coast.
There are several ways to reach the Amalfi coast, the best being by private transport

Before diving into my Amalfi Coast itinerary, let’s review how to reach this stunning shoreline. The best way to reach the Amalfi Coast is usually from Naples, as there are several bus, train, and ferry connections from the city to the coast. Here’s how to get there:

By Car: The SS163 highway, also known as “Amalfi Drive,” is often quite busy. Try and take this highway in the early morning or late evening to avoid traffic under the baking hot sun. Saturdays and Sundays from May to the beginning of October are especially busy. Read more about the best times to visit the Amalfi Coast. Remember, parking in Amalfi is almost never free, so be prepared to pay about €10 an hour for a spot.

By Bus: The Sita bus company coordinates buses between all the Amalfi Coast towns. However, high traffic levels on the SS163 regularly causes delays. Be prepared for crowds! Additionally, it’s worth noting that tickets cannot be purchased on board. You can purchase tickets in most bars and tobacconists on the coast and must validate them on the bus.

By Ferry: The most scenic way to reach Amalfi is by ferry, which is why I recommend adding the experience to your Amalfi Coast itinerary. It’s also perfect for avoiding traffic while taking in the jaw-dropping surroundings of this iconic shore. During the summer months, you can usually take a ferry to Amalfi or Positano from Sorrento or Salerno. The average price for a ferry ticket is 8-12€, but more for the route from Salerno to Positano. There are discounts available for children under 12 and children under 3 travel free.

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3-Day Itinerary for the Amalfi Coast

An areal view of beautiful place and sea of the Amalfi coast.
In a 3-day itinerary  on the Amalfi Coast you can start with Sorrento and end with Fiordo di Furore

Only have a few days to spend in this oceanside getaway? No problem. I’ve compiled a list of all the best spots to hit during your 3-day stay here.

Day 1 – Sorrento and Giardino Romantico

The first place to hit on your 3-day Amalfi Coast itinerary is Sorrento. Perched atop cliffs that overlook the bay of Naples, this town’s azure waters and limoncello have to be experienced. Sorrento offers several historical attractions, such as the Church of St. Francis and the Ancient Walls. If you’re looking to do a bit of shopping, stroll around Piazza Tasso or Corso Italia.

To close out the day, kick back at the Giardino Romantico Beach Club. This hidden gem offers a peaceful escape from the bustling town and is surrounded by both vibrant gardens and ancient ruins. Indulge in a drink at this top-reviewed venue beside panoramic views of the coastline.

Day 2 –  Positano and Positano Beaches

On your second day of this Amalfi Coast itinerary, you will get to see the postcard-worthy village of Positano. Among steep, narrow streets and quaint little buildings lies one of the most touristic towns on the Amalfi Coast. Along the main pedestrian road, you will find charming shops selling clothing, perfume, limoncello, sandals, and ceramics.

You simply can’t venture this part of the coast without going to Spiagga Grande, next to Marina Grande. This beach has both free areas and a private club where you can rent sun loungers and order food and drinks for a €30 fee. For more secluded sands, Fornillo Beach is another less crowded option. La Scogliera is the VIP beach, but many claim that its highly extravagant views and lounges are worth the higher admission fee.

Day 3 – Praiano and Fiordo di Furore

A unique swimming spot over the bridge located on Praniano, Amalfi coast.
Praiano is a small town on the Amalfi coast, near Positano and Amalfi

Day three of your Amalfi Coast itinerary includes a morning walk through Praiano, a quieter village nestled between Positano and Amalfi. Visit the Church of San Luca Evangelista, famous for its splendid majolica floor, or celebrate at the Luminaria di San Domenico festival at the start of August, where flickering torches line the streets. You can also traverse the pebbled Marina di Praia, where you will find the Torre a Mare at the tip of the promontory.

The Fiordo di Furore also stands out as a must-see public beach sheltered under a medieval bridge between cliffs. Descend the stairs into the turquoise waters and go for a splash under the Amalfi Highway bridge. This experience is often declared as a highlight for tourists!

Recommended Tour: Amalfi Coast Boat Excursion

Are you anxious to see all that Amalfi has to offer within the span of a day? Book this Amalfi Coast Boat Excursion if you’re running on a tight schedule. It allows you to witness each coastal town’s ruggedly gorgeous scenery through your own private boating adventure. The tour departs from Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Minori, or Maiori, allowing you to stop as often as you’d like. Swim on romantic beaches, explore hidden coves, and enjoy a lavish journey throughout the bay.

Here are some more Amalfi Coast boat tours for you to check out.

Amalfi Coast: A 5-Day Itinerary

One of the beautiful town of the Amalfi coast with crystal clear water sea.
With a 5-day itinerary on the Amalfi Coast you can also visit Amalfi, Atrani and Minori and finally a nice taste of limoncello!

Although a 3-day trip may be satisfactory for some, I have an Amalfi Coast itinerary 5 days long for those who want to continue wandering beyond the horizons. Check out these astonishing spots in the next two days of your stay.

Day 4 – Amalfi and Atrani

Of course, you can’t leave this coast behind without visiting the town where it got its name. Amalfi is a town with a rich maritime history and characteristic architecture. Stop for an espresso outside the Amalfi Cathedral and take in the vibrant atmosphere of Piazza del Duomo. If you’re looking for some dramatic views, climb up to the Villa Cimbrone Gardens and overlook the richly landscaped & decorated garden of a hilltop villa.

After getting to know Amalfi, take an afternoon walk to the neighboring village of Atrani. Measuring only 0.2 square kilometers, this is one of Italy’s smallest yet most spellbinding villages. Atrani’s Santa Maria Maddalena Church has remained intact since 1617. In addition, its beaches are to die for!

Day 5 – Minori and limoncello tasting

Two bottles of Limoncello, the typical drink of the Amalfi coast.
Limoncello is a typical drink of the Amalfi coast, prepared with local lemons.

On day 5, make your way to Minori’s town center and promenade. Between the sea and the mountains lies this small harbor used mostly for local boats and ferries operating between towns. Perfect for pedestrians, Minori’s winding streets are perfect for meandering through. Stroll between low-hanging lemon groves and cascading bouganvilleas before your visit to Santa Trofimena Church and the Roman Villa.

Furthermore, nothing beats the delicacy of Minori’s locally-sourced products and freshly-grown produce. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a limoncello tasting, as this corner of the Amalfi Coast is famous for its lemon-infused liqueur.

Recommended Tour – Sorrento Farm and Food Experience

To bring your holiday to the next level, book the Sorrento Farm and Food Experience. With round trip transportation included, you can savor a three-hour food tour and learn about the farm-to-table process in Sorrento. Through this experience you will witness the art of Italian farming first-hand by observing the wine, oil, and honey making processes. After a “generous sampling of the farm’s products,” you will close the day off with a delectable lunch and dessert.

7 Perfect Days: Your Amalfi Coast Itinerary

A man enjoys the view of crystal clear water sea on the Amalfi coast.
Maiori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare cannot be missing from a 7-day itinerary on the Amalfi Coast.

Do you have an additional couple of days to spare in the Amalfi Coast? Still unsure about how to finish out your trip? Not to worry. I have created an Amalfi Coast itinerary 7 days long, just in case.

Day 6 – Maiori

If you swooned at the sight of Minori, get ready to see Maiori. The wide stretch of sand that covers a kilometer of the Amalfi Coast is Maiori’s top attraction. Because it’s so rare to see such a spacious beach on this coastline, Maiori attracts thousands of tourists each year. Norman Tower is a staple of the town that signifies your arrival in Maiori. Between the crystalline waves of the beach stand several grottos, including Grotta di Pandora.

Day 7 – Cetara and Vietri sul Mare

A night view of the Cetara from above.
Cetara is very famous for the dishes cooked by the locals

A small comune and a province of Salerno, Cetara is a mandatory stop to wrap up your week with. Although slightly more off-the-beaten-track, Cetara is just as beautiful as its larger, neighboring fishing towns. The village is famous for its regional delicacies, especially its fresh tonno rosso (red tuna) and  colatura di alici, or “anchovy drippings.” Because of its reliance on the seafood industry rather than tourism, Cetara remains one of the most traditional areas of the Amalfi Coast.

Just down the road from Cetara is Vietri sul Mare, an adjacent comune known for its unique ceramics that originate from the Middle Ages. Colorful ceramic motifs and decorations have been passed down through these artisan works for generations. For a more in-depth tour of the town’s art culture, check out the Museo della Ceramica.

Recommended Tour: Private Ceramics Lesson

After sinking your toes into Vietra sul Mare’s sunny shores, end the day on a creative note by taking a private ceramics lesson. This class will teach you all the traditional ceramic techniques of the area, allowing you to take this skill back home. Immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of Italy’s coastal artistry!

A Comprehensive 10-Day Itinerary for the Amalfi Coast

An areal view of amazing landscape and sea of the Amalfi coast.
The 10-day itinerary on the Amalfi Coast can also include: Naples, Ischia and Capri.

If you stil can’t get enough of this Mediterranean dreamland, you’re not alone. I have lastly curated an Amalfi Coast itinerary 10 days long for you to enjoy your time abroad to the fullest.

Days 8 – Naples

Italy’s capital of pizza is located only 60km away from the Amalfi Coast. This thriving city’s traditional trattorias are highly revered by both tourists and locals. You can’t go wrong with breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this culinary treasure of a town. Rich with both flavor and history, Naples has several famous landmarks to see. Walk through Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo, buy merchandise of the Neapolitan Cornicello (the city’s good luck symbol), or experience ancient Naples in Napoli Sotterranea.

Day 9 – Ischia

The island of Ischia is located near the Amalfi coast with many tourist boats.
Ischia is an island located near the Amalfi coast

At the northern end of the Gulf of Naples lies the volcanic island of Ischia. Here, you can tour the busy shops, bars, and cafes of Piazza Antica Reggia in the port town neighborhood. You can also feast your eyes on the medieval Castello Aragonese, a monumental islet just a 30-minute walk outside of town. Round off your adventures with one of Italy’s most impressive hillside parks, Giardini la Mortella, and a relaxing swim in Cartaromana Beach.

Day 10 – Capri

There’s no better place to conclude your travels than Capri. Famous for its picturesque nature, Capri has some of the most striking sights in the country. Sail into the popular Blue Grotto cove and witness its glinting waves or admire the towering Fagliorini rocks from ashore. For some truly unforgettable views, drive down Via Krupp and wave goodbye to the absolute paradise that is the Amalfi Coast.

Recommended Tour: Private Boat Tour to Capri, Ischia & the Amalfi Coast

Are you hoping for a more intimate setting to bask in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast? Go on a private boat tour of Capri, Ischia, & the Amalfi Coast. Discover all the “pearls of the Tyrrheanean Sea” through this personalized excursion. The journey begins in Amalfi and stops by Positano and Capri before concluding at a photo shop in Fiordo di Furore. Don’t miss out!

If you’re looking for more activities, read up on what else to do on the Amalfi Coast.

The Best Luxury Hotels to Stay in the Amalfi Coast

I would never provide you with a proper Amalfi Coast itinerary without also compiling a list of the best hotels to stay in. Below are my top three hotels on the Amalfi Coast:

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Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel

If you’re planning for your base to be in Amalfi, book the Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel. This clifftop resort is a “converted 13th-century monastery.” It boasts a plethora of amenities, including a breakfast buffet, a panoramic terrace, and an infinity pool.

Location: Via Annunziatella 46, 84011 Amalfi, Italia

Stars: 5

Features: City view, Outdoor pool, Terrace

Reviews: 8.9/10

Furore Grand Hotel

Hoping to keep your toes in the sand? The Furore Grand Hotel has a private beach just for you. This 5-star stay will offer you top-notch celebrity treatment. It features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a shared terrace, a restaurant, and even a hot spring bath.

Location: Via Dell’amore 2, 84010 Furore, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: 2 swimming pools, Spa & wellness centre, Beachfront

Reviews: 9.7/10

La Fontana de li Papi

Beautiful small room with air-condition and peaceful atmosphere located at the La Fontana de li Papi

For a more authentic, secluded stay, book La Fontana de li Papi. This cozy bed and breakfast has a terrace and lies about 10km away from Castello di Arechi and almost 11km away from the Provincial Pinacotheca of Salerno.

Location: Via Pasquale Siani, 84013 Cava deʼ Tirreni, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: Free parking, Free WiFi connection, Family rooms available

Reviews: 7.1/10