While the Eternal City holds so many treasures, wine tasting in Rome might be among the most special. You might have thought you’ve tasted Italian wines before, but the regional, locally-produced vino here is unlike anything you’ve ever savored.

Wine tasting in Rome means sampling some of the most delectable sparkling and white wines in the world, with varieties like Trebbiano, Malvasia, Greco, Bombino Bianco, and Bellone. Roman red DOC wines like Sangiovese and Montepulciano are also unique to the area. Try these wines with fresh-baked, crusty bread or cured meats.

That’s merely scratching the surface of what to expect on a wine tasting tour in Rome, Italy. Buckle up, sit back, and have a palette cleanser, as you’ll want your taste buds to be fresh as a daisy to touch upon every flavor note Roman wine has to offer!

Roman Wines: A Tasting Journey

Roma’s cuisine is some of the most distinct across all of Italy. Whether you like the full-bodied flavor of red wine or the light, refreshing sparkle of white wine, the delights that await you are unlike anything else.

Here are some examples so you can see what we mean, along with excellent food pairing suggestions.

Roman Red Wines

  • Cesanese del Piglio: As a DOCG wine produced in Frosinone (near Rome), Cesanese is high-quality, even above DOC. Unsurprisingly, it’s got a strong flavor profile, with some acidity that produces a bitter flavor on the tongue the more you drink. You can bring out its fruitier flavor notes by enjoying it with chestnuts, truffles, lentils, or meats.
  • Sangiovese: With a name from a Latin term that means “the blood of Jupiter,” Sangiovese is lighter than Cesanese. It’s dry, highly acidic, sweet, and fruity, with tastes of berries and cherries. It goes great with any Italian cuisine, from pasta to mushrooms and pizza.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon:A good Cabernet Sauvignon is not to be missed! It mixes peppercorns, mint, chocolate, and black cherry, a true treat for the senses. Strong, hearty dishes like smoked tofu, lamb, and eggplant parmesan go best.

Roman White Wines

  • Trebbiano Giallo: Acidic, rich, and light, although Trebbiano wine doesn’t often smell like much, it has a delicate taste of lemon. Try it with a hard or smoked cheese, or bring out the lemony flavor with chicken in lemon sauce.
  • Greco: Named Greco di Tufo in full, this white wine contains more alcohol than usual. It’s often a heavier wine with a full-bodied flavor profile that varies based on region. Sometimes, it has more tropical fruity notes, and other times, more like orchard fruits. Either way, it’s a dream with seafood, especially sea bass.
  • Bombino Bianco: Mild in taste and citrusy in aroma, Bombino Bianco is to be sipped with cured meats, light and non-fatty fish, and fresh cheese.
  • Bellone: You may be miles away from the tropics in Roma, but Bellone wine puts you right on a sandy beach. Notes of papaya and mango ring through loud and clear, while its high acidity also builds a unique flavor profile. Try it with white meat, light pasta sauces, and seafood.

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10 Wine-Tasting Experiences in Rome

So many wine varieties, so little time! That’s where wine-tasting tours in Rome, Italy come in. You can knock out two tasks at once: touring the cobblestone streets and sampling amazing wine in the region.

Here are the best wine-tasting tours in Rome to book ASAP!

1. Frascati Wine Tasting Tour: The Flavors of the Roman Countryside

Immerse yourself in the inimitable beauty of the Roman countryside on this unique half-day tour for small groups. The open-air meal you’ll enjoy (lunch or dinner) promises vineyard views of Frascasi, plus a tour of its history.

The tour wraps with a walk to a farmhouse from the 16th century, where a sommelier will help you enjoy the finest wine tasting in Rome. You’ll even receive a behind-the-scenes wine production tour with a winemaker.

Ready to go?

Book your spot now.

2. Rome by Night E-Bike Tour with Food and Wine Tasting

Between the yummy gelato and enchanting food, the Eternal City has its fair share of tasty but calorie-heavy meals. Balance out what you’re eating by hopping on an E-bike and seeing a whole new side of Rome after dark.

No E-bike? No problem! You’ll receive one on this tour, where a local guide will show you the beauty of Rome illuminated by stars. The tour also includes samples of local wine, cured meats, and cheeses.

Secure your spot here.

3. Tipsy Tour: Fun Bar Crawl in Rome with Local Guide

Have a little fun on a tipsy tour. This private bar-hopping tour is led by a guide, who will tell you all sorts of captivating stories about Rome’s history that you don’t hear all that often. Drink more than wine, but liqueur, cocktails, and beer as you stroll along the Victor Emmanuel II National Monument and the Colosseum.

Make your night electric and schedule a tour.

4. Classic Half-Day Wine Tour in Frascati

Get away to Frascati, a part of Roma renowned for its wines and mouthwatering eats, including slow-roasted pork. After arriving at the train station, your half-day tour will take you through the old town, the Castelli Romani, and an antique winery.

It’s there where you’ll try a variety of Roman wines, including white and red, with sweet and mild flavor notes. Combined with the regional treats available, your taste buds will be wholly satisfied.

Schedule your day here.

5. Roman Countryside Food & Wine Tasting in a Medieval Winery

Set aside four hours for wine tasting in Rome, as this experience is one you won’t forget. Retreat to a Borgo wine cellar, experiencing medieval antiquities as you learn about the ins and outs of winemaking.

After that part of your day concludes, venture to a local restaurant and eat like the Romans do. Your lunch will be made from local, authentic ingredients and include three Italian wine varieties to savor, with access to a sommelier for recommendations.

Immerse yourself in the history and beauty of medieval Rome.

6. Local Wine Tasting

The best wine tasting in the Eternal City is sommelier-led. After all, there’s a difference between tasting and truly savoring wine, and you’ll learn how it’s done. Bring your appetite, as you’ll have cheese and cold cuts to sample with various wines.

This tour has a badge of excellence, so you can rest assured it’s a wonderful way to spend part of your Roman holiday.

Book your exclusive slot now.

7. Small-Group Exclusive Winery and Wine Tasting Tour in Frascati

Rome is so beautiful, it’s no wonder everyone wants to go. However, crowded environments are hard to appreciate properly.

This tour through Frascati only allows small groups, so you can rest assured there will be plenty of space to enjoy the scenery. Prepare for more than beautiful views, but also a tour through an ancient cave where local spumante and anfora are made.

Eager to claim your spot and enjoy wine tasting in Rome?

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8. Rome’s Vineyard Symphony: Countryside Wine Tasting Experience

The Vineyard Symphony tour is one of the finest for wine-tasting in Rome. You’ll have access to a 1700s winery, sampling snacks and facility-produced wines while you walk the vineyards. Truly, this tour is what dreams are made of, so don’t miss it!

Reserve your spot here.

9. Rome Trastevere Food Tour with Dinner and Wine

Across three hours, you’ll fully immerse your senses in the wonders of Trastevere, bypassing the commonly-known areas and going straight to the heart. Eat lightly that day, as you’ll sample more than 10 authentic Italian meals, including gelato, cheese, pasta, and pizza.

This tour only allows groups of 10 at a time, so each guest receives a personalized sampling tour worth experiencing.

Don’t miss your chance to go – book here.

10. Wine & Food Pairing Dinner with Sommelier Near the Pantheon

Dining near the Pantheon doesn’t have to be a dream. Make it a reality on this tour, where you’ll enjoy a dinner at a locally-operated restaurant. The food expert on hand will ensure you enjoy only the finest meats, pasta, dessert, and Roman wine.

Save some room, as you will next venture to a private cellar for an aperitivo with cheese, cured meats, and prosecco.

Only groups of 10 can book, so secure your spot.

Wine and Food Pairing: Roman Culinary Delights

The wine tasting tours in Rome, Italy don’t stop there! Experience the best of the best culinary delights with this curated selection of tours.

Wine and Cheese Tasting in Rome

Roman wine may go best with cheese, which you should agree with after this two-hour tour of artisanal Italian cheeses and fine wines. Drink three wine varieties and savor nine types of countrywide cheeses with a sommelier who will suggest the best pairings.

All this takes place in Trastevere’s historic district, an alluring backdrop.

Don’t wait to sample wine tasting in Rome – book your spot now.

Pasta-Making with Wine Tasting and Dinner in Frascati

Make it a hands-on experience by learning to make authentic Italian pasta in Frascati during this exciting, immersive tour. In between your cooking lessons, you’ll visit a family-operated winery to drink IGT white and DOCG red wines.

The experience wraps up with a meal served to you with the pasta you made and a perfect wine pairing. It’s an excellent day for two.

Book your culinary adventure here.

Rome Food Tour by Sunset with Free-Flowing Fine Wine

This award-winning tour in Barolo promises a nonstop supply of food and wine. What could be better?

Well, perhaps a local guide who knows everything about Roma offering food and wine pairing suggestions. They’ll take you through the best parts of the Prati district while you walk and eat everything from pizza to cured meat.

With only 13 spots available per group, you won’t want to wait to book – do it here.

Food & Wine Tour by the Vatican City

Venture through Trionfale and Prati, stopping by four venues to sample balsamic vinegar aged for more than two decades, rich truffles, and the best pizza in Rome. Along the way, DOCG wines like Vermentino are free-flowing all day.

Gear up your taste buds and book here.

Wine-Tasting Etiquette in Rome

Table set for a sophisticated wine-tasting event in Rome, featuring glasses, bottles, and appetizers.
In the local restaurants, you will find the best Roman wines

Wine tasting in Rome is about having fun and tantalizing your taste buds, but this region of Italy has cultural nuances and expectations like any other.

Here are some tips for making your tour the best part of your trip:

  • Choose the right footwear: Athletic shoes, flip-flops, wedges, platforms, and heels are not advisable. Instead, wear shoes like sandals, loafers, flats, or boat shoes.
  • Tips are allowed: You’re not expected to tip, but the tour guides and sommeliers are always grateful if you do.
  • Wear bright hues: Dressing this way isn’t about grabbing attention, but saving your outfit if you spill wine on it. Avoid anything white or light gray.
  • You can ask questions: In fact, tour guides appreciate curious guests. You’re paying for the experience, so squeeze the most out of it.
  • Use smudgefree makeup: This goes double for lipstick. You don’t want to smear it on every wine glass or get it on your face.
  • Grab the wineglass by the stem: Although it feels more natural to hold the wineglass around the bowl, your fingers should daintily wrap around the stem instead. You can see the wine better and keep the glass fingerprint-free (for the most part).
  • Follow the three S’s: Wine isn’t meant to be gulped down in one swallow. When you receive a glass for sampling, swirl it around to oxygenate it, smell it, then sip. Move the wine in your mouth before swallowing to get the full depth of flavor.

FAQs About Wine Tasting in Rome

Have you got your flight ticket booked, but you still have a few more questions about touring Roma for its wines, sights, and fine cuisine? Check out these helpful FAQs.

How to Choose the Right Wine-Tasting Tour?

The optimal wine-tasting tour should gel with your schedule and budget. Look for tours that offer the experiences you seek, whether you want to visit exclusive locales, see how wine is made, or tour in small groups.

Are Reservations Required for Wine Tastings in Rome?

This depends on the tour, as some offer access to places not generally open to the public or control tour group size for a better experience. They often require a reservation.

What Are the Best Wine Bars in Rome?

Wine tasting in Rome doesn’t always require a tour guide. Il Goccetto has shelves and racks of wine, so there’s a flavor for everyone. Rimessa Roscioli near the Pantheon and Campo de’ Fiori has some of the best chefs and sommeliers in Roma.

Cantina Belsiana, another five-star wine bar, allows dogs and offers outdoor seating so you can enjoy your glass of wine after sunset or at night.

What Did Wine Taste Like in Ancient Rome?

Certainly nothing like how it tastes today! Since the ancient Romans imbued their wine with seawater, spices, and honey, it had a unique and somehow sweet taste.