The nightlife in Rome is unique and because most Romans wait until 8 or 9 pm to eat, you rarely see the clubbing start until 11 pm or 12 am. Before midnight, discos are less crowded, but they start to fill up after midnight. Many live acts won’t begin until at least 11 pm.

For the nightlife in Rome, you can choose from a variety of discos, cocktail bars, nightclubs, live music venues, and outdoor shows. Most of the time, the cost of admission includes a free drink. Some of the best places to party in Rome include Trastevere, Testaccio, Campo dei Fiori, Goa Club, Salotto 42, La Cabala, and Akab Club.

To learn where the best night in Rome is located and where to go with your romantic partner, keep reading as we explore the best establishments to set memories.

Where is the Best Nightlife in Rome?

First, let’s look at the best places to party it up while in the Eternal City. Let’s take a look at the most popular places where people go for partying.

1. Trastevere: A Bohemian Nightlife Haven

A vibrant scene of Bohemian nightlife in the charming district of Rome, Italy
The real nightlife of Rome takes place in Trastevere –© Jorge Royan /

Located in Municipio I, Trastevere has bars everywhere, and while it has fewer nightclubs, you can still meet a friend here for a drink. You can meet many locals congregating on the bridge near Trastevere. This party hot spot grows in fun when you experience it in all its crowded glory. Friday and Saturday nights will give you the best experience of Trastevere and you can stay in one of the hotels. You may even want to purposely wander around and lose yourself in the scene.

2. Testaccio: The Heart of Roman Nightclubs

Testaccio had its heyday in the ‘90s, and while it has dwindled, you can still soak in the lively and authentic Italian vibe. You will find it near the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and the Colosseum, south of Aventine Hill or across from Trastevere. You can dine on traditional Roman foods, and the neighborhood has a reputation for crowded bars. It’s special because it is known as one of the last true neighborhoods in the historic center of Rome. This place is the home to the pyramid of Cestius. As for the nightlife in Rome in Testaccio, it has a quirky vibe compared to the others.

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3. Campo Dei Fiori: Vibrant Night Markets and Bars

A lively scene capturing the vibrant night markets and bustling bars in this iconic Roman square
Campo dé Fiori is a very famous place for nightlife in Rome –Via Dei Baullari – Campo de Fiori Roma” by Kalboz is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

One of Rome’s main squares and probably one of the oldest, the terraces get packed with people at night. During the night time, this square offers an abundance of outdoor eateries and bars. On all sides, you will encounter bars and pubs and restaurants. The craft beer scene in this location has remained popular. To get here, go south of Piazza Navona in Rome.

Nightlife in Rome for Young Adults

Where can young adults go to party with others for a great time? Many of the spots will sit close to the main attractions in Rome, such as the Pantheon, Colosseum, or the Roman Forum.

4. Goa Club: Electronic Beats in Testaccio

Located at Via Giuseppe Libetta, 13, the entrance fee is 10€ to 20€. The dress code at the Goa Club is casual but no sportswear. Keeping this dress code maximizes your chances of getting in. This club features a constantly changing ethnic-style that has become popular over the years. Some of the most interesting DJs to play at this club include Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Craig, DJ Tennis, Loco Dice, and Moodyman.

5. Akab Club: A Diverse Music Experience

It costs €10 to gain access to the Akab Club found at Via di Monte Testaccio. This venue for the nightlife in Rome commonly has popular DJs like Tony Humphries, DJ Spinna, Louie Vega, and Timmy Regisford. The dress codeat Akab Club is casual with no sportswear. You need to look clean, neat, and not drunk. See what to wear in Rome here.

6. La Cabala: Fusion of Music and Art in Trastevere

The dress code at La Cabala is smart and elegant. Women are advised to wear short dresses with heels, and men need to wear dress pants, a collar shirt, and dress shoes. You can find this club at Via dei Soldati, 25c. It costs €20 to gain entrance.

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Nightlife in Rome for Couples

Are you visiting with your romantic partner? Rome offers an abundance of places where you can go for a romantic experience with your partner.

7. Salotto 42

Located at di Pietra, 42, Salotto 42 sits under the shadows of majesty near Hadrian’s Temple. This is a good cocktail bar known for its creative cocktails and stylish decor. There is no entrance fee. You would dress in casual-formal dress.

8. Da Fortunato

Found at Via del Pantheon, 55, Da Fortunato gives you some of the best views of the Pantheon. Head to the terrace for spectacular views of the Pantheon. This is technically a wine bar, but you can also get cocktails. You may encounter some famous Italian politicians here since they work around the corner, and this one is a favorite. As for the nightlife in Rome Italyat Da Fortunato, it can be a classy place to take your romantic partner.

9. Rome’s Jazz Nights: Experiencing the Jazz Scene

The jazz scene in Rome is alive and well. Over the years, some of the most established jazz artists have gone to Rome including Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Chet Baker, Carmen McRae, and Gato Barbieri. For this experience, you might head over to Gregory’s Jazz Club located at Via Gregoriana, 54. Another of the great places would be the Cotton Club, which the actress Minnie Minoprio opened in the Quartiere Trieste Neighborhood. Jazz concerts happen here almost every night. You could also visit Casa del Jazz, seen as the largest jazz club in all of Rome. You can find it at Viale di Porta Ardeatina, 55, and it used to be the mansion of a mafia don.

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10. Themed Costume Parties: Eccentric Nights Out

Rome celebrates Carnival in the time preceding Lent, and during this time, you can have a lot of fun with your significant other. They have many fancy dress parties, and there are also parades and colorful floats. Every year, it seems like they increase the intensity of the festivities in Rome, and this attracts many tourists from all over the world. You have so many fancy dress parties here during the Carnival season that you will find yourself spoiled for choice. You can also eat many Roman culinary specialties like rigatoni alla pajata, spaghetti alla carbonara, suppli al telefono, and Roman artichokes.

11. Cultural Nights: Art Exhibitions and Night Museums

The Vatican offers a museum night tour, which would make for some interesting nightlife in Rome Italy. Many other museums offer the same thing, such as the Colosseum, the Catacombs, and the  Roman statue, the Trevi Fountain. All of this makes for an interesting cultural night with your loved one.

Rome Nightlife for Solo Travelers

Will you be visiting Rome on your own, but you’d like to know what you can do here during the nighttime? You can do a couple of interesting things in the city.

12. Bars, Pubs, and Cafes at Piazza Navona

You can find a number of bar and cafe options at Piazza Navona. For example, the Wisdomless Club is an old-fashioned hideaway, located at Via Sora, 33. You can get seasonal cocktails here, and it has a good atmosphere. The Drink Art Gallery is another interesting place to go that is a cocktail bar. It gives you a cozy atmosphere with a great group of people.

13. Makasar Bistròt

Serving great Italian wine, Makasar Bistrot has cozy snacks and drinks in a bookstore. You can find it at  Via Plauto, 33-33 A. For someone who wants to relax in Rome with a good book and drink wine or coffee, the Makasar Bistrot makes sense.

Top Discos for Nightlife in Rome

You can find a few good discos in Rome. Let’s take a look at the places for the best nightlife in Rome.

14. Art Cafe

A subterranean nightclub located at Viale del Galoppatoio, 33, Art Cafe has become a popular hotspot among the locals. It costs between €20 to €40 to get in. The dress code here is smart and elegant. They can be highly selective at this one, so dressing right increases your chances of getting in.

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15. Nice Disco Roma

You want to dress in the appropriate and fashionable nightclub attire for Nice Disco Roma. It sits at Viale Maurizio Barendson and costs €10 for women and €15 for men. Some of the DJs that played at Nice Disco Roma include DJ Jammie, DJ Raguza, and DJ Diggiu.

16. Black Qube

You can find Black Qube at Via di Portonaccio, 212. This is a gay-friendly nightclub with 3 industrial chic floors. It has live music and serves creative cocktails. To get into this disco, it costs €13. Special guests include MC Anacondize, Giovane Miska, and Enzo Dong.

17. Piper Club

The Piper Club lets you in for €20, and it’s a large and spacious nightclub that can hold up to 1500 people. You can locate it at Via Tagliamento, 9. It has a reputation as the Studio 54 of Rome, which means that it is known for extravagant events and being a great place to party the night away.

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18. Spazio 900

Found at Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 26b, Spazio 900 has a reputation for some of the best techno in Rome. It’s a great place to experience the nightlife in Rome Italy.Tickets for entry cost €20. Some of the DJs that played here include Indira Paganotto, Marco Carola, Luca Agnelli, and Anfisa Letyago.

Safety Tips for Nightlife Exploration

A helpful image providing essential safety guidelines for those exploring the vibrant nightlife of Rome, Italy
Always pay attention to your safety when visiting Rome at night –Rome by night – Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini” by Maria Eklind is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The nightlife scene in Rome can be exhilarating and full of great memories, but you do need to stay aware of some of the dangers. Let’s take a look at some tips for nightlife safety.

Tip #1 Choose Safe Transportation Options

Public transportation in Rome is safe at night, but you just need to stay alert to the dangers of pickpockets. Most of the crime in Rome is nonviolent. Don’t ride in unlicensed taxis, don’t let strangers lead you places, and avoid desolate and dark alleys. Avoid Termini Station at night because unless you plan to leave Rome on a train, it can be dangerous. Avoid walking along the Tiber at night because, while this area attracts partiers, it also attracts people looking to take advantage of them.

Tip #2 Navigating Crowds and Busy Areas

Rome, even at night, can get very crowded, which leaves you open to pickpockets. Always stay alert in the busy areas, and know where you plan to go.

Tip #3 Staying Aware of Surroundings: A Night Owl’s Guide

The biggest thing is to stay aware of your surroundings. Don’t go into unlit places. Avoid getting distracted because people prey on your distraction. In addition, don’t pull your expensive phone out at random and watch the people around you. Always keep an eye out for your potential exit points in case of dangerous situations.

FAQs About Nightlife in Rome

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions about the nightlife scene when in Rome. We encounter these questions often and figured we’d answer them all at once.

Does Rome Have a Good Nightlife?

The best nightlife in Rome is intense and full of exciting nightclubs, bars, and pubs. Rome is full of great clubs, but just remember that most nightclubs don’t start until 11 pm or 12 am.

Which District in Rome Has the Best Nightlife?

Trastevere offers one of the best nightlife experiences with tons of bars, nightclubs, and live events, and it’s a great place you can even see for free.

What Time Do Bars Close in Rome?

Most late-night bars stay open until 2 am, but check the bar or club that you plan to visit ahead of time to see its schedule for when it opens and closes. Some of the nightclubs will operating until dawn.