Finding the best hotels in Trastevere, Rome can be an overwhelming task given how many there are to choose from. Lucky for you, though, there’s something for everyone – from budget-friendly stays to luxurious suites, and even pet-friendly lodging.

No matter why you’re in Rome, you’ll want to spend time in its hippest neighborhood. Located just south of the Tiber River, Trastevere is teeming with charm, from its windy streets to its tucked-away restaurants and bars. With so much going on and close proximity to other must-see sites, Trastevere is the perfect area to be based while you’re in town.

While there’s no shortage of options for accommodation in Trastevere, this guide will walk you through some of the best for every budget and occasion. No matter which you choose, you’re in for an amazing time in Trastevere!

The Magic Atmosphere in Trastevere

"Image: A charming evening scene in Trastevere, where warm, soft lights illuminate the cobbled streets, creating a magical atmosphere."
A typical street in Trastevere recalls the magical atmosphere of Rome

Medieval Trastevere is a neighborhood with a rich history. Formerly a working-class district, this lively area is now a nightlife hotspot. The bohemian atmosphere, picturesque houses, labyrinth cobblestone streets, and Piazza di Santa Maria, which is crowded until the wee hours, combine to make Trastevere an undeniably magical place. 

After you’ve sampled all the delicious food you can muster and had a few more drinks than planned, you’ll thank yourself for finding the perfect nearby hotel to call home.

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The 3 Best Luxury Hotels in Trastevere

Your trip to the gorgeous, ancient city of Rome should be a relaxing retreat. There’s no better way to ensure you have the time of your life than by booking a room somewhere extra luxurious and special. 

1. UNAHOTELS Trastevere Roma

Guests can enjoy breakfast or a drink with a view from UNAHOTELS Trastevere Roma’s stunning rooftop, or colorful courtyard. This 4-star hotel, located at 27 Via Emilio Morisini, is loved by most, with over 1200 reviews averaging 8.7/10.

With amenities including air conditioning, WiFi, room service, a restaurant/bar, and an airport shuttle, guests at UNAHOTEL are in for a seamless visit. All that for a mid-range price too – rooms start as low as $266 per night in the off-season and surge up to $669 in late spring and summer.

2. Horti 14 Borgo Trastevere Hotel

Located a 10-minute walk from the center of the district, the 4-star Horti 14 Borgo is one of the best hotels in Trastevere, Rome, featuring a communal garden and bar. With over 1600 reviews and an average rating of 9.1/10, guests at Horti 14 Borgo evidently felt they found the best hotel in Trastevere, Rome.

Breakfast is included and rooms go for as low as $223/night in the off-season and $500 in peak tourist time. Guests can enjoy air-conditioning, free WiFi, a mini-bar, private parking, and an airport shuttle when it’s time to head home.

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3. Sonder Trastevere

Situated less than a quarter mile from Piazza di Santa Maria, Sonder Trastevere offers apartment-style accommodation. Housed inside a beautiful ivy-covered building, guests have access to an air-conditioned unit containing a kitchenette, and in some cases, a terrace.

During the off-season, apartments at Sonder Trastevere are priced at around $258. During peak tourist season, nightly prices rise to $550 or higher. Though there are only 376 reviews, prior guests have enjoyed their stays, and the average rating is 8.4/10.

The 2 Most Romantic Hotels in Trastevere

Few places in the world match the romantic atmosphere that Italy offers. If you’re traveling with your loved one, kick it up a notch by choosing a hotel that’ll set the ideal intimate scene.   

4. Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá

Want to feel like you’re in the Italian Riviera without leaving the city? A stay at one of the best hotels in Trastevere, Rome, Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá, located less than half a mile from St. Peter’s Basilica should do the trick. Set up on a hill, Gran Meliá has a gorgeous view.

In addition to standard amenities, bonus features like a fitness center, a spa, and an outdoor pool are available. Guests have loved their stays, rating the hotel 8.9/10 on average. Rooms start at $685/night on the off-season and increase to $1000 when mid-May rolls around.

5. Grand Hotel Gianicolo

Another one of the best hotels in Trastevere, Rome, Grand Hotel Gianicolo is located just outside the heart of the district. Amenities include an outdoor pool, a restaurant with a courtyard set in an orangery, and complimentary breakfast.

Rooms at this 4-star hotel are available for $166/night in the winter, and still a modest $327/night when peak season hits. Guests have given the Grand Hotel a slightly lower, but still impressive, rating of 8.0/10 over 1200 reviews.

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The 4 Top Family-Friendly Hotels in Trastevere

Traveling with children can be overwhelming, but when it comes to choosing your accomodation, it doesn’t have to be. These hotels welcome families with kids of all ages with open arms.

6. Hotel La Rovere

Located on the Northern, end of Trastevere, Hotel La Rovere is set on the Tiber River Promenade and has been rated 8.3/10 by over 600 former guests. The hotel’s lobby, bar, and breakfast room have a cellar-like atmosphere, and the rooms feature modern furnishings.

Continental breakfast is available for an additional price, air conditioning and WiFi are found in every room, and room service is on offer. Rooms start at $213/night and increase to $400 when spring arrives.  

7. Loly Boutique Hotel Roma

Just down the road from UNAHOTEL, Loly Boutique Hotel Roma is in the center of Trastevere, while still maintaining a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Private parking is available, breakfast is included, and there’s a communal terrace to enjoy a meal or aperitif. The hotel is also particularly popular for families with kids.

Averaging 8.5/10, rooms at Loly Boutique Hotel start at $265/night and rise marginally to $390 when warmer weather arrives. 

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8. Hotel Santa Maria

Featuring a classically Mediterranean vibe, Hotel Santa Maria is one of the best hotels in Trastevere, with an average rating of 9.4 by 540 previous guests. Housed in a 16th-century convent, the hotel is located just 300 feet from Piazza di Santa Maria.

All rooms look out on an internal garden featuring orange trees, and amenities include air conditioning, a bar, and free snacks with your drinks at aperitivo hour. Rooms are available for as little as $161/night in wintertime and peak at $478 in mid-April.

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9. Hotel Carmel

Hotel Carmel is a 2-star hotel with a vibrant aesthetic, white-washed walls, and greenery galore. Set in central Trastevere, breakfast is available for a mere $5 fe and air conditioning is installed throughout.

This hotel is less popular a choice, with an average rating of 7.0/10. Still, at $94/night in the off-season and $168 from April onwards, it’s tough to match the price point. Families especially enjoy their stay here, which is worth considering if you’re traveling with kids.

The 2 Highest-Rated Pet-Friendly Hotels in Trastevere

Bringing your furry friend along with you to the Eternal City? These aparthotels would be happy to host you.   

10. Numa I Tullo

An aparthotel that allows pets and features digital check-in, Numa I Tullo is set back on a quiet street steps away from the hustle and bustle. Despite the lack of on-site staff, guests can opt-in for reasonably-priced breakfast from the bar next door and store their luggage on the day of checkout in on-site lockers.

Previous guests rate the aparthotel well, with an average rating of 8.2/10. Prices vary marginally based on time of year, with rooms available for $199/night in January and $335 in June.

11. Accogliente intero appartamento

Another pet-friendly option, Accogliente intero appartamento is a one-bedroom apartment, which includes a full kitchen, balcony, and spacious living room. Accogliente, which is situated just off of Piazza di Santa Maria, only began welcoming guests in June 2023.

Only 8 guests have reviewed their stay so far, however, this small group rated it highly, with an average of 9.5/10, making it one of the best hotels in Trastevere, Rome. The apartment is available for $350/night through the start of April.

The 4 Best Suites and Apartments in Trastevere

The cost of eating out for every meal while traveling adds up. Having your own kitchen, more space, and privacy can be a real advantage. These suites and apartments offer all of the above!

12. Trastevere Magic House Luxury Suite

Trastevere Magic House Luxury Suite is another new one-bed apartment available for visitors in the heart of Trastevere. The apartment is spacious, with simple and modern furnishing, and includes a full kitchen, washing machine, balcony, access to a fitness room, and bike rental.

Trastevere Magic House is currently in great standing, with an average rating of 9.5 from 6 previous guests. Stays can be booked for between $367 and $476 

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13. Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere Lovely Flat

This lovely flat located in Piazza Santa Maria will feel like home thanks to its warm, traditional style. Unlike many of the best hotels in Trasterevere, Rome, the apartment is spacious, with two bedrooms, a large kitchen/dining area, a separate living room with sofa bed, and an additional table and chairs.

Amenities include a small balcony, washing machine, air conditioning, and dishwasher. Prices vary quite a bit throughout the year, but in the winter, all of this can be yours for only $145/night. Though this location has not yet been reviewed, the host has other properties which are rated 8.3 on average.

14. Trastevere Charming Retreat on Cobblestone Street

Located a mere 900 feet from Piazza di Santa Maria, this Trastevere apartment ‘Charming Retreat on Cobblestone Street’ is homey and perfectly suited for a couple. The apartment features one bedroom, a spacious living room, and a small but well-equipped kitchen.

There’s air conditioning for hot summer days and a washing machine to take care of laundry. This property is a relatively new one too, with only reviews averaging a score of 8.0.

15. Trastevere Vintage Apartment

This Trastevere Vintage Apartment, with a warm aesthetic, may be the best hotel in Trastevere Rome in the apartment category. Located in the center of the bustling district, the apartment has air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, and a sofa bed.

Previous guests have loved their stay and left stellar reviews with an average rating of 9.4. This traditional Roman apartment can be yours while in town for only $209/night or $400 in peak season.

FAQs About The Best Hotels in Trastevere, Rome

Now you have a sense of just how many accomodation options are available to visitors, but you might still have some questions on your mind. You’re not alone.

Is Trastevere a Good Area to Stay in Rome?

Yes! Trastevere is a bustling area just south of the Tiber River, teeming with bars and delicious restaurants. Visitors will love the winding cobblestone streets and charm everywhere you look.

Is Trastevere too Touristy?

Trastevere is a popular area for tourists and locals alike to spend time in, however, it’s much less touristy than central areas north of the river. The neighborhood is busiest on weekend nights but is noticeably quieter at other times.

Is it Safe to Stay in Trastevere?

Yes, Trastevere is a safe neighborhood, provided you follow standard safety guidelines. Keep an eye on your belongings, avoid accepting flyers or photos taken by strangers, and remain vigilant when walking alone at night.