Tuscany in September has the best lineup of events for the year. By this time, the vineyards start to harvest their grapes, and the locals begin to prepare for various wine festivals. Tuscany’s amazing weather is not too hot or too cold. Believe me; there’s no better place to loosen up this summer than Tuscany.

Lucca and Arezzo celebrate one of the best medieval festivals in Italy. Tuscany is well known for art and architectural masterpiece. You’ll find Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus,” the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Florentine Camerata, and the infamous Chianti wine only in Tuscany. Tuscany has the best food in Italy; the famous cuisines are cheeses, cured ham, and olive grove.

In this article, our expert Italian tour guide explains all you need to know about Tuscany in September: where you can get the best wine, beaches, food, and everything you need to pack for your next trip. Now, let’s go to Tuscany!

Is September a Good Time to Go to Tuscany?

In September we recommend visiting cities of art such as Lucca
In September we recommend visiting Tuscan art towns such as Lucca

The best time of the year to visit Tuscany is probably September. You would love the warm and vibrant weather. Experts say Tuscany has the best weather between September and late October, they are right! At this time, the city is bubbling with people, and different festivals have peaked – from Traditional Festival Settembre Lucchese in Lucca to the Festa Della Rificolona in Florence.  

If you find your way to the Piazza Buondelmonti in Impruneta, you can join the locals to participate in Festa dell’Uva. Festa dell’Uva is one of the oldest food festivals; it takes place in the third week of September. This festival showcases and celebrates the harvest period. 

Foreigners get to sample many foods and fine wines this season. You can be among the lucky ones to test the most mouthwatering flavors. However, the cost of living in Tuscany is pretty high in September. This is mostly because of the crowd rushing in between July and the middle of August. We recommend booking in advance to get the best accommodation at the best price.

The Weather in Tuscany in September

Many travelers wonder what weather they should expect when planning to visit Tuscany in September. The weather conditions vary; some days, it’s mild, while on others, it’s pleasant enough to keep you on your toes. Tuscany temperatures range from 59-82°F with an average of nine hours of sunshine daily

How Hot is Tuscany in September?

The average temperature in Tuscany in September ranges from 68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. But it gets hotter on the coast and valley than on the hills.

Summers in Tuscany could be hot with little or no rain. But when you visit in Spring (April and May) and Autumn (October and November), you will experience cool and rainy weather.

The Top 5 Things to Do in Tuscany in September

The offers in Tuscany, Italy, are extensive, and you won’t be able to cover everything in one trip. We have listed the top activities you shouldn’t miss when visiting. 

1. Visit the Tufa Towns of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana

September is a good time to visit Sorano, in Tuscany
September is a good time to visit Sorano – Photo by Alessio Pellegrini CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Tufa Town of Pitigliano is best if you love artwork and monuments from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. Tufa, also known as Little Jerusalem, has a large Jewish community. Pitigliano, Sorano, and Sovana are the three small towns that make up the Tufa plateau. When you visit Tufa, expect to experience its rich history and beautiful attraction, including the Etruscan Vie Cave.

2. Relax in Terme di Saturnia

Tourists are relaxing at the Saturnia spa in September, in Tuscany
Terme di Saturnia in September

The Terme di Saturnia speaks of luxury. The enchanting landscape, rolling hills, and lush vegetation will leave you breathless. When you stop at Terme di Saturnia, you can enjoy a therapeutic section at the spa and relax your body in the hot springs. Terme di Saturnia is filled with restaurants and bars making different dishes. 

3. Enjoy the Beaches of the Etruscan Coast

Tourists are swimming on a beautiful Tuscan beach on the island of Elba, in September
Samson Beach, Elba Island, Tuscany in September – Carlo PelagalliCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Etruscan Coast has something for everyone, both locals and visitors. From stunning beaches and lovely resorts to delicious seafood restaurants along the coast that will leave you craving more. The wineries are excellent, and you can sample only the best Italian wines. 

4. Visit the art towns of Florence, Siena, and Pisa

September is one of the best times of the year to visit Florence
September is one of the best times of the year to explore Florence

In the heartbeat of Tuscany, you can find different outstanding architecture and culture. Florence is considered the most beautiful home to many talents. At the same time, Siena is known for its vibrant atmosphere and hosting the famous horse race twice a year, and Pisa is renowned for its iconic leaning tower, historical sites, and monuments. 

5. Taste the Vernaccia wine in San Gimignano

Tuscany’s great foreigners have spoken about the Vernaccia wine. The Vernaccia wine is made from Vernaccia grapes. It is a dry white wine from the indigenous Vernaccia grapes in San Gimignano, Italy. When you decide to enjoy the San Gimignano landscape, you can loosen up with a bottle of fine wine.

The Best 5 Events in Tuscany in September

September is the perfect time to take a break and visit Tuscany. You will be able to explore many activities and loosen up. Before you leave, ensure you create beautiful memories by trying the top five things to do in Tuscany. 

1. Traditional Festival Settembre Lucchese, in Lucca

If you stop at Lucca, you will enjoy the Settembre Lucchese Festival. This festival is held every September to showcase the culture and heritage of the city. The traditional festival Settembre Lucchese features several activities, including food and wine tasting, exhibitions, parades, and other activities.

2. Wine Festival in Pitigliano

In Tuscany, September is the time for harvest and wine festivals
In Tuscany, September is the time for grape harvest and wine festivals

The Wine Festival takes place annually in Pitigliano. This festival allows the locals to celebrate and appreciate the region’s wine and culture. When you join the locals to enjoy the festival, you can taste the fine wines alongside other exciting cuisines.

3. Festa Dell’Uva in Scansano

The Festa dell’Uva is an annual festival where the locals get to honor the town’s grape harvest once every year. The celebration lasts a week with displays of different wines and traditional wine-making culture. To enjoy a more exciting moment, come with an empty stomach. 

4. Giostra Del Saracino in Arezzo

The Giostra del Saracino is held annually in the main square of Arezzo. Since 1260, Arezzo has always succeeded in entertaining guests with medieval jousting. You will get to watch the ancient games of chivalry. The event allows the town’s four neighborhoods to participate, and locals display their beautiful culture and costumes.

5. Festa Della Rificolona in Florence

Every year in Florence, Italy, locals and foreigners enjoy Festa della Rificolona. This traditional celebration has brought many foreigners to Florence to reflect on Florence’s earlier years. You can enjoy the live performances with your friends or loved ones. Live music is performed, and a parade of entertainers is dressed in different stylish costumes. And after the event, you will be captivated by the impressive fireworks in the sky that lights up Florence.

What to Wear in Tuscany in September?

Baratti beach, along the Etruscan coast. In September the Tuscan beaches are less crowded
Baratti beach, along the Etruscan coast. In September the Tuscan beaches are less crowded

Tuscany is typically warm in September, but it gets pretty chilly in the evenings, and you will need to wear warm clothing. The weather is friendly enough to allow you to ravage your wardrobe. During the day, you can wear light and breathable clothes, and at night you can wear stunning warm jackets or wraps. Good choices of Tuscany summer outfits include shorts, cotton shirts, and light summer dresses

What To Pack For Tuscany in September?

Here is a list of items you should travel with when visiting Tuscany. 

  • Lightweight jackets: Tuscany is warm in September, but it chills in the evenings, and you will need to keep warm. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable leather jacket or a cute denim jacket with you when you travel.
  • Sun protection: the sun will grace you with its beautiful presence; it will help if you pack your sunglasses, sun hat, or sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays.
  • A pair of sneakers: you can never go wrong with comfortable shoes to walk around Tuscany and enjoy the stunning landscape. It’s easier to walk around in sneakers than loose slippers or tight corporate shoes.
  • Swimwear: you can’t visit Tuscany and leave without going to the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you choose a bikini or a swimsuit, come ready to dive deep. 
  • Travel umbrella: September can be hot, but there is a high chance of rain when you least expect it to drop. An umbrella in your pack will come in handy. 

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If you consider visiting Tuscany in September, rest assured that it will be a beautiful moment, and if you are ready to loosen up, you will have the best moment of your life. Don’t forget to try out new activities; go wine tasting, enjoy the live band, and listen to the story behind every exhibit.