A memorable trip to Italy isn’t complete without enjoying the stunning towns, vast landscapes, and renowned wines of Tuscany. However, you might be wondering, is visiting Tuscany in spring worth it?

Before tourists come out to play in summer, spring’s mild weather and extended daylight hours make it an ideal time to witness the countryside come alive with scenic beauty. Whether partaking in springtime festivities, touring breathtaking gardens, or sampling the world’s most exquisite wines, a trip to Tuscany in spring is a great choice.

Come with us as we explore the ins and outs of what to expect during your springtime journey to Tuscany!

Tuscany in Spring – Weather and Temperatures

If you want to experience Tuscany at its best, plan your trip for mid-to-late spring (April to May). You can expect relatively mild weather, and temperatures ranging from 65°F to 79°F (18°C to 26°C).

Just note that evenings can be chilly and there may be some rain and wind. However, when the sun shines, it can begin to feel as if summer is around the bend. 

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10 Things to Do In Tuscany in Spring

1. Enjoy the Blooming Red Poppies

A field of poppies in southern Tuscany, in spring
A field of poppies, located along the road that connects Venturina Terme to Baratti (province of Livorno)

The Tuscan spring offers incredible photo opportunities. The red poppies bloom in late April and continue through mid-May, often mixing with pink sainfoin for an even more striking display.

Val d’Orcia is the best place to admire the beautiful poppy fields that bloom in May. It’s also a wonderful place to try dishes made with poppy leaves in the villages. 

Castiglione della Pescaia and Maremma‘s coastal area are other great spots for poppy lovers!

2. Rent a Bike and Explore Florence

Cycling through Florence is an exciting way to explore the city like a local, especially with the beautiful weather spring offers! 

RideMovi might just be our favorite bike rental service, with easy access to bike rentals via their user-friendly app. Otherwise, if you prefer tours with pre-planned itineraries, then we recommend Viator’s suggestions below.

Bike Tours in Florence

3. Choose a Local Winery and Taste the Wine

Tourists are taking a wine tour in Tuscany in spring
Local winery in Tuscany in spring – “Sassicaia, Tuscany Wine Tour” by Megan Lawrie Cole is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Tuscany is the ultimate wine country experience with iconic appellations like Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Bolgheri, Chianti Classico, and Val d’Orcia DOC. Plus, the people in the region are passionate about sharing their love of the land with visitors.

To explore the region at your own pace and fully immerse yourself in its offerings, a wise option is to opt for a car rental, carefully curate your itinerary, make advanced reservations, and gradually travel from one winery to another. This allows you to gain valuable insights into the wine and the dedication that goes into winemaking in each place.

4. Stroll Along the Tuscan Coast and Enjoy the View

Tourists stroll along the Livorno seafront in spring
The coast of Livorno in Spring, Tuscant

Tuscany boasts a plethora of exquisite shorelines, stunning beaches, and scenic coastal parks.

Plus, most of the beaches are often deserted in spring, offering the perfect reprieve for a quiet stroll along the ocean.

If you’re unsure where to enjoy a coastal Tuscan stroll, here are a few ideas:

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5. Take a Ferry and Visit the Tuscan Archipelago

A panoramic view of Fetovaia Beach, Elba Island
A panoramic view of Fetovaia Beach, Elba Island

Legend has it that as Venus emerged from the waves, seven gemstones tumbled down from her tiara and formed seven exquisite islands off the coast of Tuscany. While indulging in the poetry of the Tuscan Archipelago is undoubtedly enriching, it’s equally essential to be well-informed about the practical aspects of getting there and enjoying it in person!

There are a few different ferry lines that run to the individual islands. While you probably won’t have time to visit all of them, depending on the length of your stay, we highly recommend visiting at least one of these three if you can:

6. Is It Getting Too Hot Out? Find Some Good Ice Cream!

An ice cream shop counter with many flavors of ice cream
Gelateria in Florence – “Gelato (Florence)” by ConspiracyofHappiness is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Tuscany is a treasure trove of ice cream, or better yet gelato, shops offering delicious scoops or tubs of the creamy treat. When the weather starts heating up in spring, these shops offer the best reprieve! 

While there are plenty of great shops to choose from, two of our absolute favorites are Gelateria La Carraia in Florence and La Vecchia Latteria in Siena.

7. Enjoy the Patio at a Local Eatery

A Tuscan eatery with picturesque views of the countryside
A Tuscan eatery with picturesque views of the countryside, to be enjoyed during springtime

Savoring a delicious meal on the patio of a charming Tuscan eatery on a beautiful springtime day is an experience that’s nothing short of magical. 

Who wouldn’t enjoy the warm sun gently caressing their skin with a gentle breeze carrying the sweet fragrance of the blooming poppies? 

Top it off with picturesque views of the Tuscan countryside as you take a bite of the locally-sourced cuisine and sip on a glass of the region’s finest wine, and you’ll be in heaven.

8. Attend Local Food Festivals

Following the tranquil winter, Tuscan locals are eager to embrace the outdoors and engage in conviviality. And what better way than indulging in scrumptious cuisine? 

This is where the local food festivals come in.

You’ll find many ‘sagre’, which are traditional festivals typically centered around food. 

Expect tons of great local cuisines alongside a festive atmosphere. Plus, there are all kinds of attendees, from young families with their little ones to elderly couples.

9. Relax in the Outdoor Hot Springs

The natural spa of Saturnia in spring, Tuscany
The natural hot springs of Saturnia (Cascate del Mulino)

While we’re of the firm belief that Tuscan hot springs are a worthwhile dip no matter the time of year, the consensus among many is that spring is a prime season for a visit. 

Why, you might ask? Well, the weather isn’t oppressively hot, making for a comfortable soak in the invitingly warm water. On top of that, since the temperature isn’t frigid either, you won’t have to endure an unpleasant chill when exiting the pool and drying off.

If you’re looking for an idyllic spot to luxuriate in Tuscany’s thermal waters in Tuscany, we have a few recommendations up our sleeves. Among our top picks are Bagni San Filippo, Bagno Vignoni and Saturnia.

10. Explore the Tuscan Countryside 

The Abbey of San Galgano sorrounded by spring flowers
The Abbey of San Galgano: a piece of Tuscany to be Explored in Spring

As you now know, springtime in Tuscany is a delightful time of year with blooming flowers, comfortable weather, and lush green landscapes. 

It’s the perfect time to relish the numerous pleasures that the Tuscan countryside has to offer. 

For an authentic Italian experience, hop on a Vespa or bike and traverse the winding country roads. With an excellent Vespa tour from Florence, you can explore the scenic Florentine hills in style and revel in the breathtaking beauty of the countryside.

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Where to Stay in Tuscany in Spring

You’ll find plenty of unique accommodations in Tuscany. Here are some of our recommendations for authentic Tuscan stays:

Beautiful Farmhouse in the Tuscan Hills

Outdoor pool during nighttime in Il Castelluccio Country Resort
Photo Credit: Booking.com – Il Castelluccio Country Resort

Tucked away amidst the stunning Florentine hills lies an exquisite 11th-century Tuscan farmhouse, enveloped by lush private gardens that provide the perfect setting for a delightful al fresco dining experience.

Location: Via Ariano snc, 50031 Barberino di Mugello, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: 3 swimming pools, Spa & wellness centre, Restaurant

Reviews: 9/10

Authentic Wine Resort with a View

Aerial view of the Villa Svetoni Wine Resort with outdoor swimming pool and huge vineyard.
Photo Credit: Booking.com – Villa Svetoni Wine Resort

Nestled in the tranquil Gracciano, just 8.3 miles from Montepulciano Terme, lies Villa Svetoni Wine Resort – an oasis of luxury that promises a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You’ll find a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a lush garden perfect for relaxing strolls

Location: 63 Via Umbria, 53045 Montepulciano, Italy

Stars: /

Features: Outdoor pool, Spa & wellness centre, Restaurant

Reviews: 9.3/10

Gorgeous View and a Spa

Beautiful and clean room in Forte16 View & SPA
Photo Credit: Booking.com – Forte16 View & SPA

Forte 16 offers a range of stylish suites and apartments, as well as a luxury spa. Located just a 5-minute stroll from Santa Croce, and a mere 2,300 feet from Firenze Camp di Marte Train Station, it’s the perfect base for exploring the treasures of Florence.

Location: Viale Antonio Gramsci 16 (Piazza Beccaria), Lungarno del Tempio, 50136 Florence, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: City view, Covered pool, Terrace

Reviews: 8.9/10

What to Wear in Tuscany in Spring

Packing for Men

Looking to build the perfect spring packing list for Tuscany? 

Look no further than short-sleeved t-shirts. If you don’t want to stand out like a tourist, we recommend going with darker shades to blend in. And for those special evenings on the town, a classic polo shirt or a long-sleeved button-down shirt is sure to impress.

You can even bring a nice blazer for layering up when it’s cooler out or dining out in style. 

As for pants, lightweight jeans or chinos can do, though you may also want to pack a few pairs of shorts if you’re doing any daytime excursions.

Packing for Women

Young woman eating and wearing spring clothes in Tuscany
Clothes for women to wear during a trip in Tuscany in Spring

When it comes to packing for a springtime trip to Tuscany, jeans are an absolute must-have, particularly for the cooler early days of the season. To keep things versatile, it’s also worth packing a pair of lightweight pants or chinos.

You can also bring a few mid-length skirt options on hand for certain outings.

As for tops, why not embrace the region’s poppy bloom by opting for some floral patterns, guaranteed to add a touch of Italian chic to your wardrobe?

Packing in General

Despite what you may have heard, sneakers are a perfectly acceptable choice for exploring Tuscany’s vibrant cities. The key is to opt for a stylish pair instead of your old, ratty running shoes, ensuring that your footwear is both comfortable and on-trend.

In addition to providing all-important comfort during long days of sightseeing, sneakers also offer better traction on the many cobbled streets you’ll no doubt find yourself walking atop, making them a smart choice for any visitor.

What to Pack

Beyond your clothing, here is a list of essentials for visiting Tuscany in spring.

  • Sunglasses – First and foremost, make sure to pack a stylish pair of sunglasses – after all, the city sees plenty of sunshine during this time of year.
  • Swimsuit – When the sun is out, you may want to take a refreshing dip in the hotel pool. Make sure to bring your swimsuit!
  • Power Bank – Want to keep your phone charged on the go without having to stop in and charge at a random cafe every now and then? Get yourself a quality portable power bank.
  • Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is also key, so be sure to bring a reusable water bottle along with you. Not only is this an eco-friendly choice, but you’ll find plenty of public water fountains throughout Tuscan’y cities, making it easy to fill up throughout the day.
  • Camera – While we love the way DSLRs look, you can stick with the camera on your phone if it’s good enough. Just make sure you have a decent camera to preserve these unforgettable memories!
  • Umbrella – Rather than buying one from a street vendor once the rain starts pouring, consider purchasing a dedicated travel umbrella before you depart. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you have a reliable and durable umbrella to keep you dry during your travels.
  • Raincoat – On that same note, make sure you have a decent raincoat on you as well.
  • Comfortable Shoes – When it comes to deciding which shoes to include in your packing list for a spring trip to Europe, the most critical factor is comfort. Opt for shoes that are comfortable to walk in, above all else!

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Frequently Asked Questions from Those Who Visit Tuscany in Spring

A villa in Tuscany during the spring season

What Is Spring Like in Tuscany?

Visiting Tuscany in spring is incredibly rewarding, with plenty to see without all the crowds. You’ll enjoy beautiful temperatures and festivals abound. Just note that it’s also one of the rainiest times of the year. However, by the time May rolls around, the rain lightens up a bit.

Is Tuscany Better In Spring or Fall?

Neither time is necessarily better to visit Tuscany, as both seasons offer comfortable weather, fewer crowds, and plenty of activities. It truly just comes down to what you prefer!

Where are the best Hot Springs in Tuscany?

Depending on which hot springs you’d like to visit, there are several options. If you are looking for quiet hidden locations, we recommend Bagni San Filippo, San Casciano dei Bagni and Terme di Sorano.
Otherwise, one of the most popular hot springs in the region is Saturnia, which is located in the Tuscan countryside and is only accessible by car. Unfortunately, there isn’t any public transportation to get you out there, so you’ll need to rent your own!