Chances are, you’ve seen pictures of the famous Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy. The terraced pools of warm blue water are unmistakable, but that’s not all that the attraction has to offer. 

The hot springs are located in Saturnia, a spa town in Tuscany’s lush green hills. The stunning water, which is said to have healing properties, offers the perfect opportunity to relax. At 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 degrees Celsius), the water is ideal for spending a day in between visiting Italy’s busy cities.

This highlight of southern Tuscany attracts visitors from all over the world, for good reason. But, there are some things you need to know before diving into the water at Saturnia, so let’s dig in.

Are Saturnia Hot Springs Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! Saturnia Hot Springs are such a unique part of Italy’s attractions and landscapes. There’s simply no other natural hot spring in the country that compares.

The hot springs are located between two large cities (Florence and Rome) and are open all year round 24/7, making them especially appealing.

How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy

Rent a Car

Getting to Saturnia isn’t easy, so renting a car and driving is by far the best option. That way, you’ll also be able to appreciate the journey as you take in the beautiful sights of Tuscany. 

Make sure that you have an IDP (International Driver’s Permit) in addition to your driver’s license in order to rent a car- it’s the law in Italy!

Public Transportation

It is extremely difficult and not advised to arrive by public transportation. In some cases, it’s not possible. However, depending on where you’re departing from, it might be doable.

You’ll likely need to take a combination of buses (and a train, if you’re coming from further away).

What Can You Do at Saturnia?

Outdoor Thermal Pools

Saturnia’s outdoor thermal pools, called Cascate del Mulino, are its most iconic and identifiable attraction. A large natural waterfall sprawls over a small hill, forming terraces of warm pools filled with soft blue water. 

Hang out in the thermal pools to absorb the healing properties of the springs and remain in awe at the landscape that surrounds you. 

Spa and Wellness Center

The Terme di Saturnia Golf and Spa Resort is a wonderful destination if you’re looking for a luxury experience. This resort, which is separate from the famous natural springs, functions as both a hotel and a day spa.

If you want to stick around for more than a day, consider staying overnight at the resort’s hotel. According to Terme di Saturnia, the rooms and suites depict the vibrant colors of Maremma’s countryside, in the province of Grosseto.

Pools in Nature

Terme di Saturnia also has 5 lovely pools surrounded by nature. The pools are kept constant at 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 degree Celsius), just like the natural Cascate del Mulino. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a fee to enter the pools for a day.

Thermal Mud

The mud found at Cascate del Mulino is a mixture of thermal water and clay containing organic substances. It’s extremely fine and is left in sulphuric water for about a year. 

It’s then used as a cosmetic paste that’s said to have beneficial skin properties. The mud is used as masks for all kinds of bodies, including normal, sensitive, and delicate skin. Since it contains hydrating and nourishing components, it can help fight aging effects and make you less fatigued.

What are the Benefits of the Hot Springs in Saturnia?

The summer countryside around the Saturnia Hot Springs
The summer countryside around the Saturnia Hot Springs

Like thermal mud, hot springs water is highly sought after for its positive effects on the body. One of its most notable benefits is that it’s highly healing for the skin, since it is a powerful antiseptic and acts as an exfoliant. 

Additionally, it can help reduce blood pressure, detoxify the liver, reduce cardiovascular and respiratory system pressure, and support the respiratory system in general.

It’s no surprise that Saturnia Hot Springs are enjoyed for the positive impacts of both its thermal waters and mud.

Hotels Near Saturnia Hot Springs

Bio Agriturismo Il Torrione

Aerial view of the Bio Agriturismo Il Torrione with outdoor pool and stunning view of a landscape
Photo Credit: – Bio Agriturismo Il Torrione

This agritourism, which is highly rated, is located in the lush Albegna Valley just 700 meters (0.4 miles) from Saturnia’s center. All of the rustic rooms have garden views and charming terracotta floors. Il Torrione also produces its own grapes, olives, and grains, so you can sample and purchase products while you’re there.

Location: Fonte Buia snc, 58014 Saturnia, Italy

Stars: 3

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Free parking, Non-smoking rooms

Reviews: 9.2/10

Saturnia Tuscany Hotel

Aerial view of the elegant Saturnia Tuscany Hotel
Photo Credit: – Saturnia Tuscany Hotel

Saturnia Tuscany Hotel is immersed in the Tuscan hills, providing delightful views for guests from the panoramic terraces. The hotel’s restaurant includes a restaurant that serves tasty Maremma and Tuscan dishes. It’s located just 1.9 km (1.2 miles) from Cascate del Mulino and 1 hour away from Lake Bolsena by car.

Location: Strada Marco Pantani, 58014 Saturnia, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Spa and wellness centre, Bar

Reviews: 8.7/10

B&B 8380 – Pian del Molino

Outside view of the B&B 8380 - Pian del Molino during daytime and peaceful day.
Photo Credit: – B&B 8380 – Pian Del Molino

This dreamy bed and breakfast is a travel sustainable property that’s great for families with kids. It’s very conveniently situated, sitting just 300 m (0.19 miles) from the Saturnia Hot Springs. Guests also receive discounts for Terme di Saturnia spa and resort, so you can skip the line.

Location: Terme , 58014 Saturnia, Italy 

Stars: 3

Features: Free parking, Free WiFi, Fabulous breakfast

Reviews: 8.7/10

The Best Restaurants Near Saturnia

A panoramic view of the town of Saturnia
The town of Saturnia – LigaDue, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cascate del Mulino 

Perhaps the most convenient place to eat is at the hot springs itself. There’s a bar and cafe onsite, so make sure to bring some cash with you if you want a quick and easy bite.

Official Website: Cascate del Mulino

Location: Strada Vicinale Molino del Bagno 9/a, 58014 Saturnia GR

Reviews: 4.6/5

Insider Tip: Excellent Location

Ristorante Bacco e Cerere 2.0  

Delicious dishes served by the Ristorante Bacco e Cerere 2.0 
Photo Credit: Ristorante Bacco e Cerere 2.0  

This restaurant, named after the Roman gods for wine and grain, offers traditional Tuscan cuisine, like zuppa di fagioli (bean soup), handmade stuffed pasta, and fresh fruity desserts.

It offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

Location: Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 4, 58014 Saturnia GR

Reviews: 4.4/5

Insider Tip: Best Wines

Ristorante I Due Cippi dal 1976

Excellent Tagliatella with Chianina ragout cooked by the Ristorante I Due Cippi dal 1976
Photo Credit: Ristorante I Due Cippi dal 1976

Putting modern spins on traditionally “poor” Tuscan dishes is this restaurant’s forte. Meat dishes are another important part of their menu, and they carefully source their meat from farms that use natural grazing methods.

Ristorante I Due Cippi dal 1976 also offers special seasonal dishes, like ones with porcini mushrooms and truffles.

Location: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 26A, 58014 Saturnia GR

Reviews: 4.5/5

Insider Tip: Stunning Location

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Day Trips to Saturnia

Rome to Saturnia

Driving from Rome to Saturnia takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. There are a few different routes you can take, but the quickest and perhaps the prettiest is via A12/E80. 

This route will take you near the Mediterranean coast, so it’s easy to stop along the sea for a pit stop.

Florence to Saturnia

Coming from Florence, you’ll need to drive south for about 3 hours. The drive is about 190 km (118 miles). 

You’ll drive through hillsides and past villages that will leave you breathless.

Montepulciano to Saturnia

Montepulciano, a charming medieval Tuscan town, is another popular location near Saturnia.  Of the departure destinations listed, Montepulciano is the closest.

The drive from Montepulciano to Saturnia is only 58 miles (93 km) and takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What to Do Nearby the Saturnia Hot Springs

Since Saturnia is situated in Tuscany, it’s surrounded by beautiful scenery and things to do. 

The so-called “Tufa Towns”, Pitigliano, Sorano, and Sovana, are amazing Etruscan towns built into bedrock.

You should also check out jaw-dropping Lake Bolsena and the lively landscapes of the Tuscan countryside.

FAQs from Travelers

How much is Saturnia Hot Springs?

The natural hot springs of Saturnia (Cascate del Mulino)
The natural hot springs of Saturnia (Cascate del Mulino) are completely free to visit

It’s actually completely free to visit the natural Saturnia Hot Springs! Just make sure you don’t get your plans mixed up and head to the nearby Terme di Saturnia resort, which is NOT free.

What is the Best Time of Day to Visit Saturnia Hot Springs?

Although the springs are open 365 days a year, spring (March through May) and fall (September through November) are the best times to visit. You’ll avoid the crowds and enjoy a soak when the air is crisp enough that you won’t get overheated.

Another way to avoid crowds is by going early in the morning or in the evening on weekdays.

But, you’re sure to have a good time no matter when you go to Saturnia Hot Springs.

Do you Wear Clothes in the Hot Springs?

Most visitors wear a bathing suit in the springs. It’s also advisable to wear water shoes, since the spring’s floor is covered with small pebbles, gravel, and sand. 

There is a humble changing/shower facility at Saturnia, but most put their suits on before heading to Saturnia for convenience.

Do you Shower After the Hot Springs?

Since the springs have high levels of sulfur, you might want to shower right after your dip. The shower facility onsite has minimal amenities and sometimes has a long queue, but is an option. 

Many visitors simply bring a towel, dry off, and shower back at their accommodation. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer!

How Long Should You Sit in the Hot Springs?

It’s recommended to stick to soaks for around 15 minutes at a time. Make sure to take breaks in between to let your body temperature adjust.