For those hoping to reach peak relaxation this summer, Tuscany is a destination that you won’t want to miss. If you’ve been dreaming of collecting seashells and lying leisurely under a parasol, Tuscany holds the coastal paradise for you.

From pristine sandy shores to crystal-clear waters, the Tyrrhenian coast has the most picturesque landscapes to offer. With such a great variety of terrain, Tuscan shores have something for every kind of beach lover. Here, you can explore secluded coves or trek between sand dunes, rugged cliffs, and pine woods. The coastline also makes way for a plethora of activities, including snorkeling, windsurfing, and biking. 

It’s officially time to grab your sunscreen and pack your towel. You deserve to experience the holiday of your dreams, and what better place is there to do so? Below we will outline all the best beaches, equipment, activities, and hotels that you need to experience on your seaside Tuscan getaway.

The 12 Best Beaches in Tuscany

It’s no doubt that Tuscany’s coastline holds heavenly sights and settings to explore. Stretching along the Tyrrhenian Sea, this region’s stunning beaches attract visitors from all over the world. To make your selection easier, we have compiled a list of the twelve best beaches in Tuscany. 

1. Lacona Beach

Some boats and rafts at Lacona Beach used for fun on the water
Elba Island, Lacona Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany – “Lacona beach” by Visit Tuscany is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Lacona Beach sits on the biggest gulf of the small Elba Island, which is less than 3 km wide. This southern shore features views of other surrounding islands within the Tyrrhenian Sea. These include the Island of Montecristo, the peninsula of Fonza, and the Capo Stella promontory. Here, you can go deep sea diving among rocky sea beds or sunbathe on the beach with the rest of the family.

2. Le Rocchette Beach

Some sailors are showing tourists the pristine waters of Rocchette beach
Le Rocchette Beach, in Castiglione della Pescaia (Tuscany)Photo by Giovanni Pracucci. CC BY 2.0

This golden, sandy shore is situated along the spectacular Maremma Grossetana coastline in the charming town of Castiglione della Pescaia. Many “bagni,” or beach bars and parasol facilities, operate along its length. Its close proximity to the bordering medieval town also makes it a popular holiday destination. If you consider yourself a water sports enthusiast, this location has the perfect wind conditions for you!

3. Cala del Gesso Beach

A spectacular photo of Cala del Gesso beach, one of the best beaches in Tuscany
Cala del Gesso Beach, in Tuscany – “Cala del gesso” by Jacopo Reggiani is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

This unspoiled corner of Porto Santo Stefano never fails to enchant its visitors with mesmerizing nature. Featuring whimsical coves and emerald, clear waters, the hike to this treasure is absolutely worth it. Travelers often rave about this shore’s striking views, which are situated just past a small pine forest. Feel free to dive among crystalline waves or simply gaze at bouncing boats under the Tuscan sun.

4. Samson Beach

The photo of Sansona Beach from above shows bathers intent on enjoying the nature of this beautiful Tuscan beach
Samson Beach, Elba IslandCarlo Pelagalli, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Like Lacona Beach, Samsom Beach is also nestled into Elba Island, providing a serene, idyllic retreat. Samson’s white gravel and steep cliffs create a fascinating atmosphere. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes to this destination, as the path to the beach is winding and sometimes difficult. Once you reach this oasis, however, you will never want to turn back.

5. Cala Violina Beach

The tourist is photographing the beach of Cala Violina, in Tuscany
One of the best beaches of Tuscany: Cala Violina – “Cala Violina (Grosseto)” by mirella bruni is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Cala Violina Beach ranks high on the list for both foreigners and locals alike. Famous for its fine white sand, this shore is tucked into the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve. 

Fun fact: according to a local legend, this beach got its name from the violin-like sound that its sand emits upon walking on it. However, this can only be experienced during the winter season, as the beach tends to get crowded in the summer months. Since the cove is also quite small, we suggest that you arrive at Cala Violina Beach in the early morning, with ample space to park nearby.

6. Cala di Forno

One of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany: Cala di Forno
Cala di Forno, Tuscany – “Cala di forno” by Simone F. Franci is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

16 km south of Grosseto, Cala di Forno is situated within the iconic Maremma Natural Park and is only accessible by foot or boat. Although it takes about two hours to reach this lush utopia, the long walk is always worth it. Enclosed by two promontories of the Uccellina Mountains, this beach’s sea dunes and ancient tower inject a dose of historical charm into its ambiance. 

7. Baratti Beach

A beautiful nature near in Baratti Beach.
Baratti Beach, along the Etruscan Coast, in Tuscany

Located on the Baratti Gulf, Baratti Beach is a scenic wonderland, filled with diverse terrain that ranges from golden sand to rocky regions. Because this crescent-shaped shoreline has so much to offer, it’s the best place for snorkelers and divers as well as casual swimmers or kids. Atop the promontory of Populonia, you can relish in bast and soothing views of the coastline. Today, the Gulf of Baratti still hosts a boat harbor after serving as an important Etruscan port and training center.

8. ​​Baia del Quercetano

The Baia del Quercetano in summer, in Tuscany
Tuscany beaches, La Baia del Quercetano – “baia del quercetano landscape” by Gabriele Roberti is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Set in the little seaside town of Castiglioncello, ​​Baia del Quercetano is not far down the Tuscan coast of Livorno. The 1960s film Il Sorpasso (The Easy Life) put this gorgeous, pine tree-ridden beach. The Baia del Quercetano stretches about 400 meters and offers various seating areas between villa-bearing cliffs. Plus, there are several nearby restaurants and bars to stop by after a good surf.

9. Cala delle Cannelle Beach

A panoramic photo of Cala delle Cannelle, a beautiful beach located in Tuscany
Cala delle Cannelle Beach, in Tuscany- “Cala delle Cannelle” by ghirolfo is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Outlining the coast of Giglio Island, Cala delle Cannelle Beach is often referred to as one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Italy. Completely enveloped by nature, this mountainous shore provides a secluded resting spot beside turquoise waters. Even during the high season, the beach is almost deserted, making for a perfect private getaway.

10. Beaches of Forte dei Marmi (Versilia)

The passage to enter an exclusive beach in Forte dei Marmi
The exclusive Tuscan Beaches of Forte dei Marmi

Everyone who heads to Forte dei Marmi aims to spend time on the Tuscan coast. If that’s you, you’re in luck– its beaches have consistently been named Spiaggia Bandiera Blu or Blue Flag Beaches. With its shallow and mostly still waters, visitors can remain at waist level for quite a ways into the sea. Additionally, if there’s a storm that covers the shore with algae, you can find clean patches a hundred meters along the beach in each direction.

11. Feniglia Beach

Feniglia Beach photographed at sunset, Tuscany
Feniglia Beach, Tuscany – “Sunday Escape” by Un ragazzo chiamato Bi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Resting on a narrow peninsula between the towns of Orbetello and Porto Ercole, Feniglia Beach acts as a pleasant, inviting setting for beachgoers. Connecting Argentario with the mainland, the beach is part of the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve to protect its beauty. This creates a small lagoon surrounded by pine-covered dunes, ideal for hiking and cycling. Parasols and beach chairs are also available for rental.

12. Fetovaia Beach

The photo shows Fetovaia Beach, an uncontaminated beach, with crystalline sea water
Fetovaia Beach, Elba Island

On the southwestern side of Elba Island lies one of the most eye-catching coastlines in Tuscany: Fetovaia Beach. Although this region can get quite windy, its tall mountains shelters it from the harsh climate. To the left of Fetovaia, where the boats are brought in, are some broad, smooth granite slabs, perfect if you prefer a slightly calmer place. Here, you can suntan, go for a dive, and immerse yourself in the relaxing tranquility of Tuscany.

Main Characteristics of Tuscan Beaches

Although Tuscany’s beaches are all scattered within the same sea, the environment of each beach can vary greatly. As you will learn, this region provides quite a unique interpretation of biodiversity.

Pine Forests

The pine trees in Monte Argentario are positioned along the path, ideal for trekking
Monte ArgentarioPine forests around the Feniglia Beach

Pine forests are a staple of several Tuscan beaches. These forests offer a glimpse into the area’s most untouched crevices, putting local wildlife on display. These tall and slender pine trees also provide ample shade for short breaks from the sun and an incredibly refreshing scent. Plus, the surrounding variety of flora and fauna never fails to dazzle visitors from all over the world.

Sand Dunes

Tuscany’s sand dunes are unique in the way that they are an ever-changing, natural feature. Their formations take shape through varying wind patterns along the ocean, leaving the taste of salt in the air. Tuscany makes sure to protect its dunes through conservation programs and regulations. To fully admire the beauty of the sand dunes, make sure to check out the view from the top of one!

Rocky Cliffs

Bathers swim near the cliffs of Cala del Gesso
The cliffs around Cala del Gesso, one of the best beaches in Tuscany – Photo by gianfranco.vitolo, CC BY 2.0

Some of Tuscany’s beaches have gone through dramatic erosion, resulting in their famous, coastal cliff edges with panoramic views. Although they can’t be found on every beach, their rarity makes them uniquely special.

Sports and Activities in Tuscan Beaches

Tuscan waters allow for an abundance of activities that both locals and foreigners will enjoy. Here are some things you can partake in during your oceanside adventures:

  • Biking – There are many bike paths for you to enjoy along Tuscany’s beaches. Try renting a bike and exploring Italy’s shores on wheels.
  • Scuba diving – Tuscany has breathtaking nature both on land and in the sea. Put on your snorkeling gear and go for a splash to check out its beautiful underwater wildlife.
  • Windsurfing – If you haven’t learned to windsurf yet, this is the place to do so. Sign up for a lesson in this perfect aquatic paradise.

What to Pack for Tuscan Beaches

Two beach chairs positioned on the beach, ideal for relaxing and getting a tan.
Relaxing is one of the most common activities on Tuscan Beaches

If you are an inexperienced beachgoer, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of all the essentials that you should pack on your trip to the best beaches in Tuscany:

  • Swim cap or hat – The sweltering Italian sun has a tendency to burn bright, so make sure to bring a hat to protect you from it. Additionally, a swim cap will help you swim faster without messing up your hair.
  • Sunscreen – Just a hat won’t do the trick, of course. To shield yourself from harmful UV rays, lather up on sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses – Sunglasses will help you appreciate the astonishing scenery without getting overwhelmed by the direct light.
  • Water bottle – Don’t forget to hydrate! After hiking to the best beaches in Tuscany, a drink of water is in order.
  • Beach towel or chair – Once you reach the salty shores, you’ll need something to rest on. A beach towel or chair should do the trick.
  • Beach games – Although there is plenty to see on Tuscany’s shores, it might be fun to bring a game or two. Pack a frisbee, a ball, or a pail and shovel for building sand castles.
  • Mosquito repellent – Sadly, mosquitos cannot be escaped in nature, even in Tuscany. To avoid bites, bring your mosquito repellent.

Best Hotels on the Tuscany Beaches

Versillia, located in the north of Tuscany, is famous for having very soft sand
Sandy beach in Versilia, Northern Tuscany

With all kinds of landscapes to explore, Tuscany’s beaches make for an exciting yet soothing vacation. In order to match the variety of the region, we have selected a variety of best-rated seaside stays for your much-needed heavenly hideaway.

Lavish hotel with a private beach

Elegant room in Hotel Alta La Vista, Tuscany
Photo Credit: – Hotel Alta La Vista

If your goal is to never leave the beach chair, Hotel Alta La Vista is the spot for you. With a sun terrace plopped right by the sea, this hotel places you exactly where you want to be. The staff at the hotel can arrange several activities for you, including day trips on a catamaran, sailing lessons and biking and horse-riding excursions.

Location: Via Del Tirreno 21/23, 57022 Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Italy

Stars: 3

Features: Private beach area, Restaurant, Beachfront

Reviews: 8.2/10

See Inside

Highly rated, modern guesthouse

Entrance of the Il Gabbani Hotel with welcome plants during daytime
Photo Credit: – Il Gabbani B&B

For a more budget-friendly yet enjoyable stay, book the Il Gabbani Hotel. Located in Marina di Bibbona, this well-reviewed guesthouse has family rooms to accommodate for larger groups. The building is nestled into a bustling street sprinkled with bars and restaurants, so there is plenty to see and do around the property.

Location: 6 Via Aurelia Nord, 57020 Marina di Bibbona, Italy

Stars: 3

Features: Free parking, Family rooms, Bar

Reviews: 8.4/10

See Inside

Luxury tent by the sea

Unique outdoor bed room in Bubble Room Tuscany
Photo Credit: – Bubble Room Tuscany

Did you know you could go “glamping” in a giant bubble only 120 meters from the shore? Bubble Room Tuscany is an upscale camping experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Just a few steps from a private beach, this establishment includes one queen bed with a bar and a hot tub, making it a favorite for couples. It has earned an especially high review score of 9.2 out of 10 on

Location: via del mare 40, 57020 Marina di Bibbona, Italy

Stars: /

Features: Free parking, Private beach area, Bar

Reviews: 9.3/10

See Inside

FAQs about Tuscany Beaches

One of the best Tuscan beaches photographed from a drone
Tuscan beach surrounded by the Apuan Alps

With so much ground to cover, exploring the Tuscan coast may seem a bit overwhelming at first. Are there any must-see spots? Is the visit worthwhile? What kind of beaches are there, and how many? At your convenience, we have answered some of your immediate questions below. 

Does Tuscany have Good Beaches?

Yes, Tuscany is actually known for its array of jaw-dropping beaches. While Tuscany is more often associated with countryside, art, and historic cities, it also offers a mesmerizing, diverse coastline.

Because Tuscany’s beaches vary in character, they offer a range of experiences to suit different preferences. While some beaches feature rocky coves and cliffs, others include long stretches of golden sand. Many have been named Spiaggias Bandiera Blu or Blue Flag Beaches, which is a testament to their high-quality water as well as toilet and waste bin availability. The Tuscan Archipelago is a cluster of islands off the coast that also boasts incredible nature and coastal scenery. We will dive into our top Tuscan beach picks in our “The 12 Best Beaches in Tuscany” section below.

You can also enjoy a wide range of activities in these beaches, including snorkeling, hiking, wind surfing, and more. You can check out our full list in the “ Main Sports Activities to Do on Tuscan Beaches” section.

Are there Sandy Beaches in Tuscany?

Yes, there are several sandy beaches in Tuscany. Because the beaches here are so diverse, there’s a little bit of everything on these shores. Some of the sandiest locations include Versilia Beaches, Castiglione della Pescaia, Maremma Beaches, Talamone, Elba Island, and the Baratti Gulf.

How many Beaches are in Tuscany?

Tuscany’s coastline is quite long, stretching approximately 328 km. Due to its vastness, it’s difficult to calculate the exact number of beaches. However, it has been generally estimated that there are dozens of beaches adorning Tuscany’s shores. These beaches vary in size, character, and amenities, each one catering to a different preference or interest.