Exploring the Amalfi Coast in November provides an exceptional Italian experience. Thanks to its serene ambiance, lack of tourist crowds, and pleasant climate – it provides a welcome retreat from everyday stressors and fatigue.

The Amalfi Coast in November, with its dramatic cliffs, lush landscapes, and picturesque coastal towns, makes an unforgettable journey even during its off-peak seasons. A UNESCO World Heritage site of breathtaking beauty, rich cultural heritage, and exquisite cuisine make, this destination unmissable for any travel enthusiast.

Are you curious about taking advantage of this off-season secret? Read on to uncover what the Amalfi Coast in November can bring for you!

Weather in Amalfi Coast in November: Favorable Temperatures

The coastal towns fo the Amalfi Coast are less crowded in November
The Amalfi Coast is less crowded in November

Weather in Amalfi Coast in November tends to be enjoyable, with temperatures typically ranging between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius), making it ideal for exploring outdoor attractions. There may be occasional rainfall, so bringing a light raincoat is always wise.

Crowds on the Amalfi Coast in November

One of the advantages of visiting the Amalfi Coast in November is reduced tourist crowds. Taking advantage of this quieter period allows visitors to enjoy its rich atmosphere fully, enjoy local cuisine without waiting for tables, and enjoy discounted hotel and rental prices.

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Best Activities and Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast in November

1. Tour of the Amalfi Coast

A tour of the Amalfi Coast is recommended in November
A tour of the Amalfi Coast is recommended in November

Take an unforgettable journey along this picturesque coastline and admire breathtaking vistas.

  • Explore charming towns.
  • Indulge in all it has to offer in terms of culture and cuisine.

2. Hike the Path of the Gods

Take advantage of November’s mild temperatures by hiking along the “Path of the Gods.” This scenic coastal trail provides breathtaking vistas along its route and allows visitors to understand how unique is Amalfi Coast is geographic truly.

3. Boat Tour of Capri Blue Grotto 

The sea weather in Amalfi Coast in November is calm and ideal for exploring its deep blue waters – the color will leave you spellbound!

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4. Visit Positano and Walk Along the Town

People on the beach of Positano on a sunny November day
Positano on a sunny November day

With its winding staircases and pebble beaches, Positano is an enthralling town to discover. A stroll along its streets will reveal charming cafes, artisan boutiques, and vibrant local life – you might find something remarkable here!

5. Rent a Car to Explore the Amalfi Coast

Renting a car in November to explore the Amalfi Coast at your own speed is a great idea. There are many benefits to traveling during this month, including less traffic. This is particularly true in this area, which is renowned for its curvy, winding roads that dangle perilously high cliffs.

In November, renting a car is not only feasible but also pleasurable. Without being hurried, you may take your time to savor the region’s architectural and natural splendors. There’s a lot to do and see, from the pastel-colored houses of Positano that cascade down to the sea all the way to the lemon groves in Sorrento. Stop in Ravello to enjoy the panoramic views from Villa Rufolo, which is high in the mountains.

Where To Stay on the Amalfi Coast in November

A seaside view hotel in Positano
A seaside view hotel in Positano

Travelers visiting Amalfi Coast in November can take advantage of reduced room rates at various accommodations along the Amalfi Coast. Here are a few options: 

Hotel Santa Caterina

Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi has long been known as a beloved seaside villa for generations of guests, from those touring on Grand Tour to traditional family holidays to experiential journeys today. Over its more than century-long history spanning Grand Tour travels, holiday traditions, experiential tours, and modern experiential holidays, the Santa Caterina has played an essential role in Amalfi Coast hospitality history and made visitors worldwide love its Dolce Vita lifestyle.

Location: S.S. Amalfitana, 9, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Spa, Beachfront

Reviews: 9.5/10

Hotel Miramalfi

Hotel Miramalfi is Nestled in the heart of Amalfi, this hotel features comfortable rooms with a sea-view terrace and easy access to local attractions. Many say it is a perfect hotel with fantastic staff and an ideal location. The views are spectacular, and beautiful live music will often accompany your meals. What’s not to love? 

Location: Via Quasimodo 3, 84011 Amalfi, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Private beach area, Family rooms

Reviews: 9.4/10

Positano Art Hotel Pasitea

Positano Art Hotel Pasitea: try something different and luxurious in Positano. At Positano Art Hotel Pasitea, the Goddess Pasitea is a protector for relaxation and meditation, patronizing superior services and offering breathtaking views. Enjoy its aromatic amenities along the Amalfi Coast!

Location: Via Pasitea 207, 84017 Positano, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: Private Parking, Room service, Bar

Reviews: 8.4/10

Indulge in a luxurious Italian Spa

Luxury sculpture in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast
Luxury sculpture in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast

As you explore the magical Amalfi Coast, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in one of its luxurious high-ticket spas – they are known for outstanding services and boast breathtaking settings, providing the perfect oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are three great recommendations:

Capri Palace Spa

The Capri Palace Spa is renowned for offering signature treatments to rejuvenate legs. This wellness sanctuary stands out as being unique. Leg School at Capri Palace Spa provides an exclusive program involving various therapies intended to enhance both aesthetics and health of the legs. Furthermore, they offer comprehensive beauty treatments that give a feeling of rejuvenation and elegance.

Location: Via Capodimonte,14, 80071 Anacapri, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: Pool 1 – indoor, Air conditioning, Balcony

Reviews: 9.0/10

Monastero Santa Rosa Spa

Monastero Santa Rosa, an 18th-century monastery, has undergone extensive renovation to become a romantic boutique hotel filled with history. Perched dramatically above Salerno Bay near Conca dei Marini fishing village, the spa offers views to Conca dei Marini fishing village.

Location: Via Roma 2, 84010 Conca dei Marini, Italy

Stars: 5

Features: Spa, Room Service,  Airport shuttle

Reviews: 9.8/10

Hotel Santa Caterina Welness Centre

At this Wellness Center, experience aromatic bliss with Mediterranean Aromatherapy. They are packed full of Amalfi lemons, cedarwood, bergamot orange, and mandarin mint rosemary essential oils crafted for unforgettable massage experiences to restore equilibrium, peace, and serenity with their relaxing properties.

Location: S.S. Amalfitana, 9, 84011 Amalfi, Italy 

Stars: 5

Features: Free parking, Outdoor swimming pool, Beachfront

Reviews: 9.5/10

What to wear on the Amalfi Coast in November

Amalfi coast weather in November is unpredictable. Days can be sunny, mild, and sporadic rain showers. Layering is important when you plan your wardrobe.

Begin with a base made up of lightweight, breathable clothing such as long-sleeved tops and jeans or leggings. These can then be layered with sweaters and hoodies, which you can easily add or remove as required. Bring a medium-weight jacket with you for the cooler nights and days. Don’t forget a raincoat that is durable and an umbrella that fits easily in your bag.

Shoes should be comfortable and practical. For walking around towns, flat, comfortable shoes such as sneakers are ideal. However, waterproof boots or shoes may be needed on wetter days.

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The lights of the hotels illuminate the Amalfi coast in November
Amalfi Coast in November: take your time to choose what to pack

What to Pack when Visiting the Amalfi Coast During November

Packing for your November trip to Amalfi will help you stay comfortable in any weather.

Rain showers are common during this month. Walking-friendly, comfortable shoes are essential for navigating the steep and winding streets of coastal towns. A sturdy backpack or hiking pack is essential if you plan to hike.

Do not forget your camera. You’ll want your camera to capture the beautiful scenery, picturesque villages, and stunning views of the Amalfi coast. It is important to bring a reusable water bottle to keep you hydrated on your excursions and reduce waste.

Amalfi Coast in November: Frequently Asked Questions

Is November the best time to visit Amalfi, Italy?

It is true that November can be an excellent time to visit Amalfi. There are fewer people, so it’s easier to visit popular attractions. Although rain is common in the area, it is usually mild. The landscape is stunning with its autumn colors.

Is the Amalfi Coast Cold in November?

Although ‘coldness’ is relative, temperatures on the Amalfi coast in November are mild, with highs between 59 and 66°F (15-19°C), and lows of 50-57°F. (10-14°F). The evenings may feel colder, and rain could lower temperatures. Be sure to bring layers and a raincoat.

Can you Swim at Amalfi in November?

It is not advisable to swim in November due to the cooler temperatures and rougher conditions on the sea. If you are used to swimming in colder water, and the weather is milder, then it may be possible. Prioritize safety, and consult local sources for the current conditions.

Be safe, and enjoy your journey!