The Trevi Fountain is widely considered to be the most popular fountain in the world. It’s an iconic landmark located at the center of Rome that served as an ancient water source. Although known for its unique Baroque design, the Trevi Fountain’s coin-throwing tradition stands out for most tourists and locals alike. So why do people toss coins in the world-renowned fountain?

Locals and tourists throw coins in the Trevi Fountain to make wishes. A single coin throw, based on local lore, means you’ll go back to Rome sometime in the future. Throwing two coins means you’ll find love or blissful romance in Rome, while throwing three coins means you’ll marry in Rome. There’s a catch, though, as you need to throw the coin (s) over the right shoulder using your right hand for your wish to ‘materialize.’

In this article, we take a closer look at the Trevi Fountain and the popular coin-throwing tradition. Let’s dive in.

History of the Trevi Fountain

The beautifulTrevi Fountain with white sculptures is located in Rome, Italy.
The Trevi Fountain is one of the symbols of Rome, and many tourists throw coins into it

Despite the Trevi Fountain coins tradition gaining popularity in the 20th century, the fountain has a rich history that dates back to the 17th century. Standing 26 meters high and 49 meters wide, the Trevi Fountain is arguably Rome’s most historic and popular fountain and was initially designed to act as a Roman water source.

It was designed and constructed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and took 30 years to complete. Giuseppe Pannini completed the fountain in 1762, 11 years after Salvi’s death. As a Baroque artist, Salvi incorporated unique concepts with hidden stories in the fountain’s design. At the end of construction, the Trevi Fountain was, without a doubt, a Baroque masterpiece that stood out from other local fountains.

The Tradition of Throwing Coins Into the Trevi Fountain

Although popular for its unique Baroque design and timeless sculptures, the Trevi Fountain stands out for its coin-throwing tradition. Tourists flock in their droves to make wishes in the hopes of visiting the Eternal City again.

Legend has it that your wish will come true should you throw a coin using the right technique. Here’s a quick breakdown of the Trevi Fountain’s coin-throwing tradition.

  • Throw a single coin: Throwing one coin in the Fountain means you’ll return to Rome at some point in the future.
  • Throw two coins: You’ll fall in love and experience true romance in Rome.
  • Throw three coins: Throwing three coins means you’ll get married in the Eternal City.

While local legend has it that throwing a coin (or coins) into the fountain will make your dreams come true, there’s a technique you must observe for your wish to ‘hold water.’ All coins should be thrown over the left shoulder using the right hand.

Where Do The Coins Throw Into The Trevi Fountain End Up?

Tourists enjoy visiting the Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy.
The coins collected inside the Trevi fountain are given to charity

Throwing Trevi Fountain coins has become a popular tradition for tourists exploring central Rome. As one of Rome’s most popular free attractions, the fountain attracts thousands of guests every hour, leaving an estimated 3,000 euros ($3150) every day.

Approximately, the fountain rakes in a whooping 1,250,000 euros ($ 1,321,000) euros annually, which all goes to charity. The coins are collected daily when the waters are shut down to allow for collection and cleaning. All the money retrieved is sent to Caritas, a Catholic charity that redistributes the funds to assist the poor, sick, and underprivileged locals.

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How to Get to the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is located in Rome’s popular Trevi district, more specifically in the Piazza di Trevi. The fountain’s strategic location in Rome’s city center means you’ll have an easy time accessing it from nearby attractions. Let’s take a quick look at some of the popular ways to get to the Trevi fountain.

Use the Metro System

Most of Rome’s popular attractions are located close to a metro station. Barberini is the closest station to the fountain, but you’ll need to do some walking (roughly 7 minutes) once you alight to get there. Follow the Via del Tritone for roughly 500 meters before making a left turn onto Via dei Poli.


Visiting the fountain by bus is a great option if you’re not short on time, as it’s prone to daytime traffic. The good thing is that several lines from 52 to 53, 62, 63, 71, 83, 85, 117, 160, and 492 make stops at Fontana Di Trevi, which is roughly 200m from the Trevi Fountain.


You can use the tram if you don’t mind walking for close to 10 minutes to get to the fountain. The closest tram station is Piazza Venezia (on line 8), and is approximately 900 meters from your destination.


The taxi is also an ideal alternative if you prefer comfort and convenience. You can learn more about the streets and attractions by interacting with your driver, but be prepared for traffic-related delays, depending on the time you’re visiting.

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FAQs About the Trevi Fountains Coins

In this section, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about throwing coins in the world-renowned Trevi Fountain.

What do the Trevi Fountain Coins Pay For?

The Trevi Fountain coins are donated to a local Catholic charity, Caritas, that redistributes the funds to help out poor and underprivileged locals.

Where is the 3 Coins Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain, also referred to as the 3 coins fountain by some tourists, is located in Rome’s Trevi district. It’s undoubtedly the biggest attraction in Piazza di Trevi and attracts thousands of tourists every day.

Can You Still Throw Coins in the Trevi Fountain 2023?

You can still throw coins in the Trevi Fountain in 2023, as it’s a massive tradition observed by thousands of excited visitors. You can throw a single coin, two coins, or even three coins, depending on your wish.

What Are The 3 Wishes at Trevi Fountain?

The 3 wishes at Trevi Fountain include a one-coin throw to visit Rome again. Throwing two coins is a wish to find love in Rome, while throwing three coins is a wish to get married in Rome.

Which Shoulder Should You Throw Coin Over Trevi Fountain?

You should throw a coin inside the Trevi Fountain over your left shoulder using your right hand. While some tourists can throw without observing any technique, local legend holds that using the right hand over the left shoulder brings luck and good fortune.

Is It Better to See the Trevi Fountain in the Morning or at Night?

The best time to see the Trevi Fountain is at night when there is little tourist traffic. The fountain is a tourist hot spot during the day, meaning you might have to contend with droves of other tourists.

How Much Time Needed at Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain does not require a lot of time to explore. On average, you might need around 15-30 minutes to make the most of your experience at the fountain. It’s also advisable to visit when there’s not too much tourist traffic to get the best view.

Wrapping Up

A visit to Rome wouldn’t be complete without touring the world-famous Trevi Fountain. The free attraction is a tourist hot spot, meaning it’s best to explore at the start of the day or at night when there aren’t too many people.

The must-do activity is throwing coins and making a wish. Remember to use your right hand to throw the coin over your left shoulder.