Taking a day trip from Amalfi Coast to a nearby attraction is an extremely underrated adventure that you won’t want to miss out on. Crystalline waters, white shores, and quaint little towns are the foundation of this iconic Italian coastline. However, there is plenty more to explore beyond this coast.

Before leaving Amalfi Coast, make sure to read up on all of its astonishing adjacent landmarks. Have you stopped by the notable island of Capri, the culinary capital of Naples, or the ancient ruins of Pompeii? If not, we are eager to help you plan your journey to the many gems just around the corner. After all, this incredible range of nearby landscapes and monuments can each be explored within a day.

Crystalline waters, rich history, and quaint little towns aren’t only a staple of Amalfi Coast. Discover the wonders of Rome, Marina Grande in Sorrento, Cilento National Park, the Royal Palace of Caserta, and many more destinations. Read on to find out more about what you can experience.

The Best Day Trips From the Amalfi Coast

As previously mentioned, Amalfi Coast is close to many exciting spots for you to experience within a day. Below is our list of the top eleven places for you to wander through on your Italian holiday.

1. Mount Vesuvius

View of Mount Vesuvius from a distance, Naples, Italy
Mount Vesuvius seen from afar, Naples

Towering over the vibrant metropolis of Naples is Mount Vesuvius, which famously erupted and buried the Roman territories of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD. Although it still remains active, it has not erupted since 1944. The 4,203-foot volcano boasts stunning views of Campania and the Bay of Naples. Bus tours take you close to the top, but the hour-long hike to the summit is also worth the journey.

The easiest way to reach Mount Vesuvius is by car, which will take about an hour and a half from Amalfi. In order to reach Mount Vesuvius by public transit, you will have to travel to Sorrento and take a train to Pompeii or Herculaneum. This will take about 1.5 to 2 hours in total. The Sita bus delivers passengers directly to the Circumvesuviana train station located in Sorrento. Trains to Naples depart approximately every half an hour, making stops at the Pompeii and Herculaneum sites along the way. Sorrento to Pompeii takes approximately 30 minutes while the trip to Herculaneum takes about 50 minutes. The entrance to Pompeii can be found directly opposite the Circumvesuviana Pompei – Villa dei Misteri station, while the entrance to Herculaneum is approximately a 10-minute walk from the Ercolano Scavi station, with well-marked signs guiding the way.

This is one of the best day trips from Amalfi Coast to don’t miss!

2. Blue Grotto

An exploration of the Blue Grotto near the island of Capri by tourists
Tourists exploring the Blue Grotto, near the island of Capri

Tourists from all over the world flock to the small island of Capri just to see the Blue Grotto. This is a natural cavern that stretches 25 meters wide and 60 meters long with a tiny entrance less than a meter high. Visitors board wooden rowboats to float through the low cave opening. The light at the other end of this tunnel reflects beautifully on the water, painting it a dream-like blue. Your skipper will row you inside while belting traditional Neopolitan folk songs, setting a soothing atmosphere.

To reach the Blue Grotto, you will have to take a ferry to Capri. Ferries from Naples, Pier Immacolatella, and Sorrento are available year-round while Amalfi offers ferries from April to October. You can purchase your ticket online– Omio usually has the best deals for about 15€ to 20€. After about an hour, the ferry from Amalfi will reach Capri and we recommend catching a tour boat to the cave for approximately 21€. These tours take about two hours total with plenty of time to relish the glistening waves inside the cave. Lines can get long during the high season so keep that in mind if you stop by in the summer!

3. Paestum

The beautiful Paestum during sunset
Paestum during sunset

If you’re seeking a day trip from Amalfi Coast that features more ancient history, take a visit to the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum. This archeological treasure runs along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Magna Graecia. The trio of Doric temples in Paestum are believed to have been consecrated to the deities Poseidon (known as Neptune to the Romans), Hera, and Ceres.

 These gorgeous structures are notorious for sending tourists back in time.

We recommend the 2-hour drive to Paestum for the most convenient route. If you’d like to use public transit, the first step is to catch a bus to Salerno. Once you reach Salerno, you can then continue your trip by taking a train to Paestum. The entire duration of the journey typically ranges between 2 and 3 hours. Here is the bus schedule from Amalfi to Salerno as well as the train schedules from Salerno to Paestum.

Alternatively, during the summer season, you have the option of utilizing the ferry service, available from both Positano and Amalfi, which will take you directly to Salerno. From there, you can choose between taking a train or a bus to reach Paestum.

4. Island of Capri

Using a spyglass, a tourist enjoys the view of the Isle of Capri
A tourist is enjoying the view with a spyglass, Isle of Capri

One day trip from Amalfi Coast that you definitely won’t want to miss is the famous island of Capri. Known as one of the most magnificent islands in the world, Capri is not only home to the Blue Grotto, but a great variety of breathtaking landmarks. Check out the Gardens of Augustus atop a cliff that boasts jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean Sea and the famous Faraglioni rocks. You can also visit the widely photographed seaside road, Via Krupp, and the popular Natural Arch, which developed through erosion.

In order to reach the island of Capri from the Amalfi Coast in an hour, take the same directions described in the Blue Grotto section above.

5. Marina Grande in Sorrento

A few boats were berthed in Marina Grande in Sorrento.
Some boats moored in Marina Grande, Sorrento

Interested in exploring a quaint little fishing village on your day trip from Amalfi Coast? Sorrento’s adorable fishing town Marina Grande is sure to satisfy your craving. Known for its colorful bobbing boats and sandy shores, beach-goers can spot fishermen reeling in their catch just steps away. The focal point of Marina Grande is the Church of Sant’Anna, which pays homage to the patron saint of the town. By the turquoise waters, you will find a delightful array of small, family-owned restaurants that specialize in seafood.

The most convenient way to reach Marina Grande from Amalfi Coast is by Sita bus. As mentioned in the Mount Vesuvius section above, the Sita bus delivers passengers directly to the Circumvesuviana train station located in Sorrento. Here are the bus schedules from Amalfi to Sorrento. To reach Marina Grande from central Sorrento, start at Piazza Vittoria and follow the lane that runs alongside Hotel Bellevue Syrene. This path will lead you to a set of stairs that descend toward Marina Grande. Alternatively, there are buses available that connect Piazza Tasso in Sorrento directly to Marina Grande.

6. Pompeii

Some historical remains of the ruins of Pompeii
Some remains of the ruins of Pompeii

Next on our list is one of the most well-known monuments in the country: the lost city of Pompeii. What was once a bustling town 2,000 years ago became nothing but ruins after the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted in 79 AD. Almost overnight, Pompeii disappeared under a cloak of ash. Examine some artifacts at the Antiquarium Museum, wander about the Forum, or explore ancient temples, amphitheaters, and Stabian baths here.

As previously described in the Mount Vesuvius section, the best way to get to Pompeii is by train. However, you will need to take the Sita bus to Sorrento first. Re-read our more detailed explanation above to refresh your memory on the 1.5 to 2-hour-long trip.

7. Naples

The areal landscape view of Naples.
Landscape of Naples

Are you a sucker for a good pie? Say no more. If you’re looking to experience flavors you could’ve never imagined, take a day trip to the birthplace of pizza: Naples. Reward your tastebuds by exploring the top pizzerias, although you will want to make a reservation in advance as waits can last an hour or more. You should also consider visiting the world-famous Naples National Archaeological Museum, which pays homage to the tragedy of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. You can even roam the Naples Underground or take a stroll through the vibrant Quartieri Spagnoli.

Taking public transportation is by far the easiest way to get to Naples from Amalfi Coast on a day trip. It comprises a 35-minute ferry ride from Amalfi to Salerno and a 40-55 minute train ride to Naples. While ferry schedules may be slightly limited from September to May, they generally offer a convenient and budget-friendly mode of transportation. Salerno’s train station is conveniently placed only a five-minute walk away from the ferry terminal. Trains between Salerno and Naples depart regularly, nearly every hour.

8. Herculaneum

The Herculaneum can be seen, located near the Amalfi Coast
Herculaneum, near the Amalfi Coast

In contrast to the revered ruins of Pompeii, all of Herculaneum can be seen in just a few hours. This is the ideal spot for those who ache for a taste of ancient Rome but are aiming for a shorter day trip. Herculaneum has been preserved extensively, even more so than its neighbor Pompeii. 16 meters of ash and mud buried the city during Mount Vesuvius’ eruption, creating a layer of detritus that kept two-story domus homes intact.

In order to reach the destination by public transit, you’ll have to take an hour-long bus ride to Sorrento and a 50-minute train ride to Herculaneum. Again, our Mount Vesuvius section above outlines the trip from Amalfi to Herculaneum in more detail.

9. Cilento National Park

The landscape of Cilento National Park, Near the Amalfi Coast
The landscape of Cilento National Park, Near the Amalfi Coast

To traverse a lesser-known seaside jewel, take make the quick journey to Cilento National Park. Renowned for its diverse landscapes, this park holds mesmerizing vegetation, dense forests, and fertile valleys all beside the glimmering Tyrrhenian Sea. Just south of the Amalfi Coast, this natural haven lies worlds away from large crowds and tourist shops. Whether you’re a sucker for a hike between majestic peaks or a splash in pristine waters, the wonders of this park await you.

If you are not able to rent a car or call a taxi for the hour and 40-minute-long commute to Cilento National Park, the journey on public transit may get lengthy. First, you will have to take a 15-minute ferry from Amalfi to Salerno, which typically leaves at 5:15 PM. Then you will need to take the bus or walk to the Salerno train station and board the train to Vallo Lucania-Castel, the closest stop to the park. This will take approximately 50 minutes. Once you arrive, you will need to order a taxi and drive for about 2 hours until you reach the park. For this reason, we highly recommend driving from Amalfi if you can!

This is another day trip from Amalfi Coast to don’t miss when you come to Italy!

10. Island of Ischia

Some of the simplest and beautiful houses in the Island of Ischia
Some houses on the Island of Ischia

The island of Ischia offers a real taste of Italy, with its quietly idyllic atmosphere and classic Italian hospitality. If you’re someone who never gets tired of unspoiled beaches, try hopping from one in Amalfi to another in Ischia on the same day. The so-called “green island” is famous for its tufa rocks, narrow streets, and diverse terrain due to its volcanic origins. Here you can unwind in therapeutic hot springs or take a walk by the medieval Castello Aragonese.

The easiest way to get to Ischia is undoubtedly by ferry, which takes approximately 2.5 hours. The Alilauro-operated ferry leaves from Amalfi once daily at 8:25 AM. This route is active from mid-June until the end of September and is served by hydrofoils.

11. Royal Palace of Caserta

The outstanding view of the Royal Palace of Caserta
The outstanding view of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Our last day trip from Amalfi is a luxurious excursion through one of Italy’s finest castles: the Royal Palace of Caserta. Drawing from the influences of Versailles, Rome, and Tuscany, this triumph of Italian Baroque has riveting gardens that expand across 11 acres. Check out the several pools, fountains, and cascades that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

The quickest way to the Royal Palace of Caserta is by ferry and train. Catch the 15-minute ferry from Amalfi to Salerno, where you can then take a bus or walk to the Salerno train station. From there, take the hour-long train to Caserta, which leaves every 2 hours.

Day Trip from the Amalfi Coast to Rome

The Colosseum is one of the most famous historical monuments in Rome
Colosseum, a historical monument of Rome

If you’ve been aching for a city overflowing with history, well-known cuisine, and stunning architecture, Rome should be the first-day trip on your list from Amalfi. Rome is known as one of the most legendary capitals in the world, and for good reason. On top of several esteemed landmarks, it has some of the world’s most beautiful churches and delectable pasta dishes. Visit the ancient Colosseum amphitheater, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel in the neighboring Vatican City, or PASTAEAT, a popular pasta eatery among locals.

Although it is reachable by bus, we recommend taking the ferry and the train for the most efficient and scenic route. The trip will take about 2.5 hours total, including a 35-minute ferry ride and a 2-hour train ride. Travelmar and NLG run their ferries about 10 times per day, allowing you to gaze out at Amalfi’s picturesque views while you float to Salerno. Once you get there, you’ll be dropped off at Piazza della Concordia right across from the train station. Here you can board a high-speed train to Rome with Italo or Trenitalia.