Not so far from the metropolitan Siena, the medieval town of Chianciano Terme surprises travelers with its charm. Tucked between the timeless Val d’Orcia and the majestic Val Di Chiana, Chianciano Terme presents many options to entertain and satisfy any kind of visitor’s request. Indeed, it is well-known for its beneficial hot springs, breathtaking landscapes, and historical spots.

With a population of only 6.896 and a rich cultural heritage dating back to Roman and Etruscan times, you can surely enjoy Chianciano Terme’s atmosphere and attractions by walking along the main center full of antique buildings, naturalistic areas, places of prayer, and museums.

Keep on reading to find out what to visit, where to stay, and how to get to the worthwhile Chianciano Terme.

How to Get to Chianciano Terme

Thanks to its strategic position, Chianciano Terme is an absolutely beloved and appreciated destination by local and international tourists. In fact, this city looks easy to reach by car or public transportation (car-sharing, train, or bus). By car, from Florence, you can go through A1 highway, take the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme exit and drive along the SP146 for about 1 hour and a half. Alternatively, from Rome, you can enter the A24 freeway, take the Florence exit and follow directions to Chianciano Terme.

On the other hand, you can take a regional train from the main cities (Florence, Rome or Siena) until Chiusi Scalo station. Once arrived, the Tiemme bus (Montepulciano-S.Albino-Chianciano-Chiusi FT4 line) will bring you to the spa town in less than 30 minutes.

5 Places to Visit in Chianciano, Italy

1. Historical center

A road of the historical center of Chianciano Terme
Historical center of Chianciano Terme

Protected by imposing walls, the suggestive historic center of Chianciano is an antique gem of the past full of hidden alleys. There, we firstly recommend you visit the Clock Tower or the Castle of the Conti Manenti.

Moreover, you can enjoy the beauty of the San Giovanni Battista collegiate (built in 1200 circa) and the Church of the Immaculate (from Italian ‘Chiesa dell’Immacolata’), which was completed and restored at the end of the 16th century. Finally, by walking through Viale della Libertà, it is possible to reach the contemporary side of this town.

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2. Civic Archaeological Museum

A gallery of the archaeological museum of Chianciano Terme
The Civic Archaeological Museum of Chianciano Terme – Photo by Visit Tuscany CC BY 2.0

The Civic Archaeological Museum of Chianciano Terme hosts meaningful archaeological finds related to the Etruscan. You will be able to admire exhibitions about old burials, cinerary vases, or grave goods (from the 6th century BC). 

Furthermore, you will find:

  • an interesting collection of canopic jars coming from the massive Tolle necropolis
  • a monumental terracotta pediment; 
  • an adjacent alabaster cinerary urns; 
  • a wine-making room from an old farm based in Poggio Bacherina.

3. Church of Saint Mary of the Rose

The facade of the Church of Saint Mary of the Rose in Chianciano Terme
Facade of The Church of Saint Mary of the Rose, Chianciano Terme – AndreaAngeli80, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Built in 1569, the Church of Saint Mary of the Rose is quite an overcrowded place of worship. Opened to the public in 1599, this spot hosts multiple artistically relevant works like paintings depicting the Madonna delle Carceri (made in 1200) or Santa Caterina di Alessandria and San Francesco.

Taking its name from local inhabitants’ devotion to the Virgin Mary, this Renaissance church also attracts visitors because of its evocative travertine altar and symbolic statues made with black and white marble, directly extracted from Chianciano’s surrounding hills.

4. Art Museum

One of the historical statue in Chianciano
Lid of cinerary urn from the pedata necropolis in Chianciano Terme, now in a Florence museum – Sailko, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Art Museum of Chianciano is a cultural area, which hosts art collections related to Neolithic-Asian and Contemporary times. There, you will find reminiscent lithographs made by Durer, Munch, Guttuso, Piranesi and Toulouse-Lautrec.

In the adjacent part, in addition, there will be an expositive space dedicated to Russian school paintings from the early 1900s to nowadays art. Quite particular is also the nearby Museum of the Collegiata.

5. Indiana Park

Indiana Park is a contemporary park and naturalistic zone. Considered a huge oasis of relaxation and fun, the latter includes a 3-hectare pine forest. This is such a perfect place for families and kids because of its itineraries.

Here, you will be able to walk through walkways, Tibetan bridges, and tunnels under the supervision of experts. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Thermal Baths in Chianciano

Theia Thermal Baths by night, in Theia Thermal Baths
Theia Thermal Baths in Chianciano Terme

Sensory spa

The renowned Sensory spa is considered a real Thermal Temple because of its unique services. Quite central and only 1 mile from Chianciano, at ‘Terme Sensoriali’ you will be able to experience around 20 different treatments divided into 4 categories: Depurative, Relaxing, Energizing, Rebalancing. Open 24/7 from 10.00 AM to 19.00 PM, you can make your reservation by calling 057868501 or by writing to [email protected]

Theia Thermal Baths

At Theia Thermal Baths, you can have a totally relaxing experience. Its indoor and outdoor areas are equipped with restaurants and pools for kids and couples. Just 2 miles from Chianciano, Theia Hot Springs offers Sauna, Turkish baths, and spa treatments. Open the whole week (except Thursday) from 10.00 AM to 20.00 PM, you can make your reservation by contacting the same channels as above.

Terme Sant’Elena

Indoor thermal pool of the Theia Thermal Baths, in Chianciano Terme
Indoor thermal pool of the Theia Thermal Baths – Photo by Stefano Cannas CC BY-NC 2.0

Only 4 minutes from Chianciano (almost 1 mile), the Terme Sant’Elena offers pools with thermal waters and curators specialized in medical and physiotherapy treatments but also areas dedicated to mud therapy and hydro colon therapy useful for regenerating the digestive system. Open the whole week from 8.30 AM to 20.00 PM, you can reserve your place by calling  0578 321728 or by visiting

Holy Water Park

Less than a mile from Chianciano, the Holy Water Park offers a huge series of pools, whose temperature can reach up to 33 degrees. This water, when drunk in the morning, can be helpful against liver diseases. Inside, you can find a bar/restaurant with a little shopping area. Open the whole week from 8.00 AM to 19.00 PM, you can do your reservation by visiting

The Best Hotels and Spas in Chianciano Terme

Chianciano Terme is a place rich in history and (at the same time) innovation. Indeed, considering the presence of the iconic hot springs, you can find numerous accommodation options (farmhouse, luxury hotel, B&B…) compatible with every kind of traveler. Here are our top 3 stays in the town:

San Caterina Hotel & Bike

Elegant and clean room in Santa Caterina Hotel & Bike
Photo Credit: – Santa Caterina Hotel & Bike

San Caterina Hotel & Bike offers private and extensive bedrooms equipped with any kind of utility. Here, you can reach the historic center in less than 3 minutes and taste a sweet homemade breakfast. Dulcis in fundo, there is private parking.

Location: Via Arno, 64, 53042 Chianciano Terme, Italy 

Stars: 3

Features: Free Parking, Room Service, Bar

Reviews: 9.2/10

Grand Hotel Admiral Palace

Large elegant swimming pool inside the Grand Hotel Admiral Palace
Photo Credit: – Grand Hotel Admiral Palace

Grand Hotel Admiral Palace offers multiple room options (for couples and families with kids), an indoor pool, and a picturesque terrace where you can enjoy the view. Equipped with a restaurant, you can enjoy their huge wine list and local food made with healthy ingredients.

Location: Viale Umbria, 2, 53042 Chianciano Terme, Italy 

Stars: 4

Features: Outdoor swimming pool, Spa , Fitness Center

Reviews: 8.1/10

Agriturismo la Pietriccia

Authentic room with a view of the mountain from a window in Agriturismo La Pietriccia
Photo Credit: – Agriturismo La Pietriccia

Agriturismo la Pietriccia offers rooms and apartments with tiled floors and a totally equipped kitchen. This is an ideal spot for those who want to go to Montepulciano (4 miles) quickly.

Location:  Madonna Della Rosa 121, 53042 Chianciano Terme, Italy

Stars: 4

Features: 2 Swimming Pools, Restaurant, Family Rooms

Reviews: 8.9/10

Where to Eat in Chianciano Terme

La Torretta Chianciano

Wild boar dish cooked by the La Torretta Chianciano
Photo Credit: La Torretta Chianciano

Not too far from the center of Chianciano, La Torretta is a bar-restaurant that offers traditional delicacies. Inside, indeed, you can find such a familiar atmosphere and taste typical Italian food. We definitely suggest you try the homemade Pizza Margherita or the Panettone with Pistachio and their exquisite red wine.

Ristorante l’Assassino Chianciano Terme

Delicious Florentine steak served by the Ristorante l’Assassino Chianciano Terme
Photo Credit: Ristorante l’Assassino Chianciano Terme

A few steps from the Sensory spas, the Assassino Chianciano Terme restaurant is a mixture of modernity and taste. Very well-kept structure, the latter offers homemade food like Chianina beef and pici al ragù. Impossible not to mention the staff’s kindness and welcoming attitude.

Ristorante il Calimero

Pasta with seafood dish prepared by the Ristorante il Calimero
Phoro Credit: Ristorante Rosticceria Il Calimero

Renowned for being a family-run restaurant, il Calimero offers a wide variety of delicacies. In particular, we advise you to eat their Mediterranean delicacies like Pizza or homemade tagliatelle.

What to see nearby Chianciano Terme

San Quirico d’Orcia

Known as ‘Città degli Horti Leonini’, the beautiful San Quirico d’Orcia is a quaint village not too far from Chianciano and Siena. Here, we advise you visit Horti Leonini, Church of San Francesco and Pieve dei Santi Quirico e Giulitta.

Bagno Vignoni            

The central square of Bagno Vignoni, with natural hot springs
The spa town of Bagno Vignoni

This treasure near the iconic Via Francigena presents numerous beauties. We firmly recommend you visit Parco dei Mulini and enjoy the famous thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni.


Known for its famous Brunello and Rosso wine production, Montalcino hosts cultural and historically relevant spots. We suggest you see the Fortress of Montalcino, the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, and the Theater of the Astrusi.


The central road of Montepulciano
The historical wine town of Montepulciano

With a medieval aesthetic and a well-known Nobile wine production, Montepulciano is a treasure of Tuscany. Don’t miss Piazza Grande, the Church of Sant’agostino, and the Tower of Pulcinella.

FAQs by People Who Want to Visit Chianciano Terme

What is the Water of Chianciano Terme Good for?

The water of Chianciano Terme is very good to treat respiratory system diseases or skin inflammation like rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis or dermatitis.

When is the Best Time to Take Spa Treatments?

The best time to take spa treatments is mostly from April to October.

How long can you Stay in Thermal Waters?

It depends on the temperature of the water. For temperatures up to 36 degrees, it is usually recommended not to exceed 15 consecutive minutes. For further information, we recommend you ask directly the spa to which you wish to go.