Discover the serene beauty of Buonconvento, a tranquil Tuscan town. Its stunning architecture and rich history offer an enticing retreat from the usual tourist destinations.

Buonconvento, a hidden jewel in Tuscany, captivates visitors with its splendid medieval architecture and intriguing history. This town is a haven for those seeking authentic Italian experiences. Here, you can indulge in traditional Italian dishes, each bursting with flavor, or explore unique culinary delights. The town’s ancient walls, engaging museums, sacred churches, and scenic local trails ensure a visit filled with discovery and enchantment. Buonconvento’s blend of historical charm and gastronomic excellence makes it an unmissable destination for every traveler.

Continue your journey through Buonconvento to uncover more of its secrets. Every corner of this town promises a new discovery, enriching your travel experience in Tuscany.

Where is Buonconvento and how to Reach it?

Buonconvento, situated 25 kilometers southwest of Siena in Tuscany’s idyllic countryside, makes for an easy day trip from Siena and gateway to the Val d’Orcia region. Regular train service connects directly with this picturesque Tuscan town – car rental options also are readily available – making travel to Buonconvento an effortless affair.

4 Things to See and Do in Buonconvento

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along Via Soccini, lined with beautifully preserved medieval buildings, and admire the stunning architecture of the town’s gates: Porta Senese and Porta Romana. Don’t miss visiting Ricci-Socini Palace as a powerful symbol of Buonconvento’s royal history and an astounding piece of Renaissance architecture. Along the way, you’ll discover hidden courtyards, charming alleyways, and an inviting ambiance awaiting discovery!

1. Visit Museums

A historical repertoire kept at the Buonconvento museum in Tuscany
Museum in Buonconvento – “museum display in Buonconvento” by slowlysheturned is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Gain insight into Tuscany’s rich history at the Museum of Sharecroppers and Peasant Civilization (Museo della Mezzadria), where you’ll learn about agricultural traditions and rural life in Tuscany. Meanwhile, art lovers will delight in visiting the Civic Museum of Archeology and Sacred Art; its fascinating collection of religious artworks makes a fantastic cultural experience that all ages can appreciate.

2. Churches

The photo shows the church of San Pietro and San Paolo, a typical architecture of the Tuscan territory
Buonconvento: the church of Saint Pietro and Paolo

Experience Buonconvento’s religious history and architectural beauty by visiting two stunning churches: San Giovanni Battista Church is an exquisite example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Also, the Church of San Bernardino offers exquisite frescoes and ornate decorations, providing tranquil spaces for reflection in its busy town environment.

3. Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore

The ancient frescoes drawn inside the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore
Inside the Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbey

Visit Monte Oliveto Maggiore Abbey near Buonconvento for its jaw-dropping architecture, serene atmosphere, and magnificent frescoes by Renaissance artist Luca Signorelli. Set amidst rolling Tuscan hills dotted with cypress trees, this Benedictine monastery provides an idyllic retreat for history and art enthusiasts alike.

4. Villa La Rondinella: An Epic Ghost Tale

The ghostly entrance of Villa la Rondinella, in Buonconvento
Villa la Rondinella, in Buonconvento – Gianmarco Fusari, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bring a touch of mystery and thrills to your Buonconvento experience by exploring Villa Rondinella – an abandoned mansion known for its mysterious legends and reports of haunting. Said to be haunted, its crumbling architecture adds an air of intrigue that makes for an intriguing off-the-beaten-path destination if you enjoy ghost stories!

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Buonconvento’s Magnificent Hotels

Buonconvento, Italy, has some of the most magnificent hotels and bed n’ breakfasts available to travelers looking for authentic Italian accommodations. Here are the latest recommendations.

Elegant Boutique Hotel

Elegant room in Hotel Ghibellino
Photo Credit: – Hotel Ghibellino

situated in Buonconvento, Hotel Ghibellino provides the ideal combination of elegance and convenience. Each tastefully-decorated room boasts comfortable beds, stylish furnishings, and modern amenities for an unparalleled stay experience. The hotel is conveniently located within steps of Buonconvento’s main attractions and historical sites, including the Sienese Gate, Ricci-Socini Palace, and various museums and churches. After exploring everything there is to offer in Buonconvento, relax in one of their cozy common areas or head to nearby restaurants for delicious cuisine!

Location: Via Dante Alighieri 1, 53022 Buonconvento, Italy

Stars: 3

Features: Free WiFi connection, Rooms/facilities for disabled guests, Good breakfast

Reviews: 8.1/10

Picturesque Bed and Breakfast

Inside bedroom of renovated historic building with comfortable atmosphere located at the B&B Da Idolina
Photo Credit: – Guesthouse da Idolina dal 1946

Located in Buonconvento, B&B Da Idolina is an exquisitely renovated historic building that provides guests with a quiet and intimate stay, boasting comfortable rooms that combine traditional Tuscan charm with modern comforts such as private bathrooms and Wi-Fi access. Each morning start your day with a delectable homemade breakfast made with locally-sourced ingredients! B&B Da Idolina offers an inviting garden that encourages guests to unwind and unwind amidst picturesque surroundings. Their friendly hosts provide an atmosphere that ensures you’ll feel right at home in Buonconvento.

Location: Via Mazzini 65/67, 53024 Montalcino, Italy

Stars: 3

Features: Parking, Excellent breakfast, Family rooms available

Reviews: 9.1/10

Eating in Buonconvento

La Ripolina

Pasta dish cooked by the La Ripolina
Photo Credit: La Ripolina Wine Resort

La Ripolina offers rustic yet authentic dining in a rustic yet authentic Tuscan countryside setting. Surrounded by stunning vistas of the Tuscan countryside, this agriturismo serves farm-to-table meals that capture the true flavor of this region – using fresh seasonal ingredients sourced directly from surrounding farms transformed by skilled local chefs into delectable meals that make dining here an unforgettable pleasure! Whether it be lunch or dinner – La Ripolina provides the ideal atmosphere and breathtaking vistas for an unforgettable meal that won’t soon be forgotten.

Official Website: La Ripolina

Location: Localita’ Pieve di Piana, Pod.Sant’Ignazio, SC di Piana, 53022 Buonconvento SI

Reviews: 4.7/5

Insider Tip: Exquisite local cuisine

Branduccio Restaurant

Pici with meat sauce served by the Branduccio Restaurant
Photo Credit: Branduccio Restaurant

Branduccio Restaurant in Buonconvento offers delicious Tuscan cuisine in an inviting setting. Their menu boasts traditional fare made with locally-sourced ingredients like homemade pasta, succulent meat dishes, and satisfying vegetarian offerings; each plate is carefully crafted and presented to showcase the artistic nature of Tuscan cooking. Make sure to save room for one of their delectable homemade desserts before enjoying this incredible dining experience.

Official Website: N/A

Location: Via Soccini, 53, 53022 Buonconvento SI

Reviews: 4.6/5

Insider Tip: Excellent Wine

Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna

Breakfast served by the Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna
Photo Credit: Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna

At Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna, you can expect authentic Italian dishes prepared with only the freshest local produce and wines. Set amidst Tuscan countryside beauty, this charming farm-to-table experience 7allows guests to savor traditional flavors while taking in stunning landscape views while taking part in this immersive farm-to-table dining experience. From antipasti to main courses and decadent desserts – each dish at Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna will take them back in time – making Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna an unforgettable dining experience!

Official Website: Agriturismo Pieve Sprenna

Location: Località Serravalle, 53022 Buonconvento SI

Reviews: 4.7/5

Insider Tip: Stunning Location

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Take a Day Trip from Buonconvento!

The unspoilt countryside of Buonconvento, ideal for walking
The countryside around Buonconvento Photo by Franco Vannini. CC BY 2.0


Just an hour’s journey away, Pienza invites visitors to experience its rich Renaissance history. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this charming town has earned itself the name “Ideal City” due to its preserved urban design based on 15th-century humanist architectural principles.

Take a relaxed stroll along the winding cobblestone streets and discover an architectural treasure trove, such as Piazza Pio II with its breathtaking Palazzo Piccolomini, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and Palazzo Borgia.

Pienza is famed for its delectable pecorino cheese, created using traditional methods using local sheep’s milk. Visit one of the many cheese shops situated around town to sample this delectable treat ranging from creamy and mild to bold and aged varieties. Many establishments also provide tastings of local wines or regional specialties for an enjoyable culinary journey!


The Montalcino countryside, famous for its vineyards that produce a very high quality wine
The wine town of Montalcino

Just a short drive from Buonconvento, Montepulciano tempts visitors with its famed vineyards, picturesque allure, and rich history. This idyllic hilltop town makes an ideal destination for wine connoisseurs as well as history enthusiasts alike – you’ll love wandering its charming streets admiring Renaissance architecture or sampling some famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wines at various wine cellars featuring tasting sessions.


Montalcino, one of Tuscany’s shining gems, is famed for its award-winning Brunello di Montalcino wine and a 14th-century fortress. Stroll through this medieval town to find charming shops, wine bars, and eateries serving local fare; take time out for La Rocca – a fortress towering over Montalcino that provides spectacular views – explore La Rocca while admiring Montalcino’s rich religious past through several notable churches like Church Sant’Agostino or Abbey Sant’Antimo; take your pick; Montalcino offers it all in an ideal day trip full of wine history and breathtaking landscapes!

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Outdoor Adventures in Buonconvento

The Bibbiano Tower seen from the outside, in Buonconvento
La Torre a Bibbiano, in Buonconvento – “La Torre a Bibbiano – Buonconvento” by mirella bruni is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.


Buonconvento, Italy’s remarkable landscape, makes cycling enthusiasts’ dreams come true, offering numerous picturesque routes suitable for all abilities. Simply rent a bike from one of the local shops and head out on an epic journey through rolling hills featuring vineyards, olive groves, and charming villages in the countryside.

As you cycle, discover charming towns with distinct characters and stories – ideal places for relaxing lunches or coffee breaks at nearby cafes. For an enhanced experience, why not join a guided cycling tour where experienced guides will share information on the region’s cultural heritage, culinary traditions, and winemaking techniques?


For those who enjoy strolls and more demanding hikes, Val d’Orcia and Crete Senesi areas provide picturesque hiking paths showcasing the breathtaking Tuscan countryside. These trails wind past vineyards, olive groves, and ancient hilltop towns that epitomize the Tuscany spirit as you explore vineyards, olive groves, and breathtaking panoramic viewpoints along your route. You may even come upon historical landmarks, natural treasures, or unexpected panoramic vistas along your travels!

Is Buonconvento Worth a Visit?

Buonconvento, in the picturesque Tuscan landscape, is definitely worth a visit. Known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and rich cultural heritage, this charming town offers a tranquil escape into Italy’s historical past. With a vibrant local art scene, authentic Tuscan cuisine, and serene countryside, it provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Ideal for history enthusiasts, culinary aficionados, or those seeking a peaceful retreat, Buonconvento promises a delightful visit that captivates both the heart and soul.